What Does That Word Mean?

Globulin produced by the body that combine with antigens, bacteria, cells or toxins and neutralize them.

Antigens, Antigenic.
Proteins or other substances which, when introduced into the body, stimulate the production of an antibody.

Displaying no symptoms; if you have a disease but are asymptomatic, you don't have the typical signs of the disease.

You know - 'the runs'.

In the intestine.

Disease marked by inflammation of the intestines, usually accompanied by diarrhea.

Of, relating to or involving both the stomach and intestine.

Hello Kitty!
A cute trademark from Japan.

Like an imp; mischievous.

Skimming over the surface of water; when water builds up under a car's tires, such that the tires lose contact with the road, the car is said to hydroplane.

Situated at the threshold; barely qualifying or perceptible. A liminal person or character is at the threshold between two societies or cultures. We don't use this word anywhere in our story, but it's a fun one to know.

A genus of aerobic bacteria that are all pathogenic for man and other warm-blooded animals, and usually associated with various types of food poisoning, with acute gastrointestinal inflammation. Named "Salmonella" because a guy named Salmon isolated it, not because you get it from salmon.

Disease caused by Salmonella bacteria.

Salmonella paratyphi A.
A particular variant within the Salmonella genus of bacteria. Infection with S. paratyphi A usually presents as enteric or paratyphoid fever.

Having to do with serums - you know, antibodies, antigens, immunology, stuff like that.

Serotype, Serovar.
A microorganism group which has a common set of antigens.

"Sport Utility Vehicle," although Adam claims it really means "Socially Unacceptable Vehicle."

Okay, so this is a little bit confusing. On the one hand, "typhoid" can mean 'Of, relating to, or typical of the disease typhus.' On the other hand, it can mean "typhoid fever," which is a separate disease.

Typhoid Fever.
A disease usually caused by infection by bacteria of the Salmonella genus. See 'Typhoid.'

Typhoid Mary.
Nickname for the notorious Mary Mallon, an asymptomatic carrier of Salmonella typhi, who worked as a household cook and infected an untold number of people in New York in the early 1900s. To call someone a 'Typhoid Mary' is to accuse them of spreading disease recklessly.

Typhus, Typhus Fever.
A disease caused by rickettsia, but which has some symptoms in common with Typhoid Fever. See 'Typhoid.'

Worst-case Scenario.
The worst that can possibly happen; a situation where something has gone wrong.

An expression meaning 'gross' or 'that's disgusting.' Not to be confused with "yuk," which is an interjection often used reduplicatively to express amusement or in imitation of a sardonic laugh.


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