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Master of Public Health Program

Tips for MPH Posters

As an MPH graduate student, you will have many opportunities to make and give poster presentations related to public health.  Please follow these general guidelines.

Allow yourself ample time to make a meaningful poster.  Generally, at least 2 months before the event is not too soon to create your poster, at a minimum to have it reviewed by your major professor/advisor before it is printed.  The MPH Office will also review your poster, but will not type or design it.  This is a valuable skill for you to learn.

Posters are generally made in PowerPoint as one slide.  The size will vary depending on the event/organization requirements, anywhere from 4’x4’ to 3’x4’.  If stated, follow the instructions for size exactly. Also, if you are printing an unusual size, check with the printing service to make sure they can print the size you are requesting.

Attention to detail is vital.  As a general concept, the information should stimulate discussion about the topic.  Because space is limited, keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item in the poster is necessary.

To use printing resources available to MPH students, you must allow at least 2 weeks or more for printing. For PHN and PHPA emphasis areas, check with your major professor/advisor because they need to OK the printing. Note: Proof read and check your poster carefully before submitting it for printing. The colleges listed below will only pay to print your poster one-time. You are responsible for any errors that result in a second printing.

Emphasis AreaCollegePrint TimeContact Person
PHN and PHPAHealth and Human Sciences2 weeksFaculty mentor/Major professor
IDZ and FSBVeterinary Medicine2 weeksMPH Program Office

Opportunities for MPH Poster Presentations

  • Graduate School research forum held in the fall and spring.  Check the Graduate School’s website for requirements and deadlines.
  • Bug-A-Palooza held each Spring (generally the 1st week of April) in cooperation with the Riley County Health Department.
  • Kansas Public Health Association meetings held each fall and spring.
  • Phi Zeta Research Day (available for CVM students)
  • College specific presentation forums
  • Agency/organization where you complete your Applied Practice Experience on a relevant topic for the agency/organization.

Tips for poster printing
in Health and Human Sciences.

Tips for MPH Posters


MPH PowerPoint Template (for poster)

K-State PowerPoint Template (for presentations)