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Master of Public Health Program

National Public Health Week 2021

Each year the first week of April is designated as Public Health Week.  This year we are highlighting the work our MPH students and faculty do to further the mission of public health in their respective emphasis area!

Community Public Health Partners

We thank and celebrate our community partners, who work alongside us to help train our students in public health practice. This year we have collaborated with many local agencies including; the Flint Hills Wellness Coalition, Riley County Health Department, Riley County Research & Extension, Lafene Health Center, the Manhattan Area Risk Prevention Coalition, and Pawnee Mental Health Services.

Public Health Physical Activity
PHPAPrepares graduates for experimental, clinical, and epidemiological theory and research addressing the public health issues or promoting physical activity. 
MPH PHPA Graduating Student and Topic

Miriam Avila: Evaluation of the virtual Exercise is Medicine on Campus campaign: Effects on college students’ physical activity perceptions and behaviors

Shelby Hunt: Multi-Project Report: Physical Activity as a Mediator for Mental Health AND Nutrition Promotion in Riley County, Kansas 

Melitza Ramirez: Riley County Health Department: Hispanic Outreach Project

Public Health Physical Activity MPH Faculty Advisory Council Members
Gina Besenyi; Emily Mailey; Mary McElroy; Other PHPA Faculty
Public Health Nutrition
PHNFocuses on the study of interaction between nutrition and health and the application of sound nutritional principles to promoting healthy eating. 
MPH PHN Graduating Student and Topic

Patricia McKenna: "GRO"ing Neighborhood Gardening Teams in the time of COVID-19

Lisa Ross: System Approaches for Healthy Communities, Web-Based Professional Development Program

Grace Sello: Developing a Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Resonse Protocol for Riley County

 Public Health Nutrition MPH Faculty Advisory Council Members
Jennifer Hanson; Ric Rosenkranz; Sara Rosenkranz; Other PHN Faculty
Food Safety/Biosecurity
FSBPrepares professionals to identify and categorize risks, challenges, and solutions in the food system.
MPH FSB Graduating Student and Topic

Crystal Futrell: A Risk Factor Study on Food Establishments in Kansas

Phutsadee Sanwisate: Food Safety Regulations: A Virtual Journay Across the Globe

Food Safety/Biosecurity MPH Faculty Advisory Council Members
Sara Gragg;Justin Kastner;Abbey Nutsch;Other FSB Faculty
Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses
IDZPrepares professionals for zoonoses prevention and control programs including how to respond to  bioterrorism.
MPH IDZ Graduating Student and Topic

Anna Kucera: Multiproject Report to Increase Riley County Health Department Public Health Professional Interconnectivity

Erin Petro: Reportable Disease Case and Close Contact Investigations in the Face of a Pandemic

Ganesh Kumar: Design a CASPER Survey Tool optimized for Riley County

Jason DeFisher: Creation of a CASPER Survey Protocol for Use in Riley County Kansas

Jeremy Williams: Data-driven Stories of Opportunity: Development of a Comprehensive Communication Plan for the Riley County Opportunity Map

Katherine McIver: Recovery from a severe West Nile Virus in a one-year old stallion following interferon alpha-2b treatment: an equine model for human therapy

Madeline Burke: Analysis of communicable disease reports and public education through COVID-19 contact tracing

Rachel Chall: The Use of Xylazine In A Feedlot Depopulation Scenario And Redesign Of The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Import And Export Regulations Webpage

Valerie JoJola-Mount:Interprofessional skills development in public health education to address One Health Problems

Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses MPH Faculty Advisory Council Members

A. Page Adams; Natalia Cernicchiaro;Kate KuKanich; Bob Larson; Other IDZ Faculty