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Department of Modern Languages

Majoring in Modern Languages

Declaring a major in Modern Languages opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities; new people to meet, languages to learn, job opportunities, and more! Modern Languages offers three different BA programs in FrenchGerman, or Spanish. This combination of degrees could be a double major or a dual degree.

But what are the steps to take to declare a major?

To declare a modern languages major, please go to 107 Calvin Hall. You can also find information on declaring and/or changing your major at the Academic Career and Information Center. Once you have declared a Modern Languages major, an advisor will be assigned to you. You may request a specific advisor or change your advisor by contacting Angélique Courbou (angeli@ksu.edu).

Purple graphic with pictures of stuents in the Modern Languages department, text in the center reads: Modlang majors.