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Minor Requirements

Total 19 credit hours:

Spanish Translation Minor Requirements

Total of 18 credit hours:
  • Professional writing in English elective (3 hours)
    • ENGL 302, 400, 415, 417, 510, 516
    • MC 200, 221, 426
  • Approaches to language elective (3 hours)
    • COMM 480
    • ANTH 514, 792
    • SPAN 580 (Spring), 670 (Fall), 776
    • ENGL 430, 435, 490
  • Professional Spanish (3 hours)
    • SPAN 530 (Fall) or SPAN 531 (Spring)
  • Core course (9 hours)
    • SPAN 575 (Fall), SPAN 771 (Spring), and SPAN 774 (Fall)

Major Requirements

Total of 31 credit hours at and above SPAN 301

  • Must include at least three (3) 500-level courses (one of which must be SPAN 550) and at least three Spanish courses at the 600-level or above (9 credits)
  • Two non-transfer courses are required at the 700 level.
  • Courses:

K-State Catalog is availablehere.

Scholarship Opportunities

Learning Spanish can earn you more than just additional job opportunities, a larger salary, a more cultured and enriched life, it can also help you get a scholarship! Here are the scholarships that are available to you while you learn a language at K-State:

Margaret E. Beeson Scholarship: The recipient of this scholarship will be a junior or senior enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences who is majoring in Spanish. The recipient must have a 3.25 GPA in Spanish and a 2.75 overall GPA on a 4.0 scale. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support.

Megan Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Modern Languages: The recipient shall be enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and majoring or minoring in Modern Languages. Selection is based on financial need and scholarship potential. Preferences: 1. Female student studying Spanish ; 2. Any female majoring or minoring in Modern Languages ; 3. Any Modern Languages major/minor ; 4. Faculty awards related to mentoring student recipients of this award or other students who would particularly benefit from such mentoring. The award may be renewed if scholastic standards are met and/or need continues. The purpose of this award(s) is to perpetuate the memory of Megan Taylor and to provide financial assistance to students who are majoring in Modern Languages and faculty members of the Department of Modern Languages.

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