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Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

youngmanDaryl C. Youngman, Associate Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University

Consultant, Military Professional Development, and Knowledge Management

Daryl Youngman is a recognized expert in the research, development, and delivery of cultural training; building mutually-beneficial civilian/military partnerships and information management.

He currently serves as a member of the Kansas State University Military and Veterans Affairs team and maintains a private consulting practice.
Over the past decade he has conducted research in civil/military and human terrain operations; Counterinsurgency (COIN), and various aspects of interactions between servicemembers, host nation security forces and host nation populations. His publications include "The Afghan Balance of Power and the Culture of Jihad" (Military Review).
Youngman has developed curriculum and delivered cultural training at the Battalion, Brigade and Division levels. He developed the academic component of "Dagger University" a training program for Regionally Aligned Brigade (Africa) deployments, a program recognized by the Secretary of the Army. Other training initiatives include Army National Guard Agribusiness Development Teams and Military Transition Teams for OIF and OEF;
He worked with the Embassy of Afghanistan and the World Bank to develop a collaborative cultural and academic exchange program between Kansas State University and Kabul University in Afghanistan.

He holds the Masters in information management from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has completed additional graduate study at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

Youngman is a Ft. Riley Distinguished Trooper. Other awards include the Department of the Army Commanders Award for Public Service and the Kansas State University Medal for Excellence in Military Service.