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Interplay Between Fluid Intelligence and Working Memory

Prior literature established how strategy use mediated the relationship between working memory and fluid intelligence tasks, showing the importance of accounting for an individuals’ strategic choices on these tasks. Previous studies focused on understanding strategies within working memory and fluid intelligence tasks individually but did not assess the rates of strategy use between these tasks. This line of research aims to evaluate the rates of strategy used across both working memory and fluid intelligence tasks, and also investigate wether working memory capacity influences these rates.

model showing relationship between fluid intelligence and working memory

Note: Theoretical models by Gonthier & Thomassin (2015) depicting the possible relationship between working memory capacity and strategies on the Raven’s Progressive Matrices task. In Figure 1a, the relationship between WM and FI is higher than in Figure 1b when strategies are considered. These results show that strategy choice is related to how well one can remember information (e.g., those who remember less information are more likely to use RE; those who remember more information are more likely to use CM).

Data is currently being collected and this will be updated once the results are processed

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