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News release prepared by: Julie Fosberg, 785-532-2535, media@k-state.edu
Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Recipients are listed by county and hometown. The complete scholarship list also is available at our website, http://www.k-state.edu/media.

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010


MANHATTAN -- More than 8,500 Kansas State University students have been awarded academic scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year. In all, K-State students have received more than $16 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation.

Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

K-State students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:




Gorham: Matthew Wayne Walrath, Salina Scholarship-Housing



Baltimore: Joshua M Abrams, The Robert W. Conover Memorial Fund and Esther Beachel Glenn English Scholarship; Christie Nicole Ledeker, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship and Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Elkton: Kelly Wullschleger, Legacy Award

Frederick: Cenarda Keshia Jackson, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship

Laurel: Miranda Ruth Roseland, Legacy Award

Rockville: William Rose, Legacy Award

Timonium: Claire Marie Ruffing, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Union Bridge: Claire Adeline Bennett, Elizabeth and William Henry Hinshaw Memorial Scholarship and Honors Scholarship

Woodsboro: Kelsey Leigh Dertzbaugh, Honors Scholarship and Gladwin A. Read Memorial Fund



Byfield: Larissa Mary Laffey, Engineering Scholarship, Honors Scholarship and Henry T. Ward Memorial Chemical Engineering Scholarship

Milford: Kathryn Grace Estabrook, Honors Scholarship

Stow: Nicole Leigh Clark, Legacy Award

Westborough: Megan Dawn Graham, Legacy Award



Alto: Patrick King Doyle, Ralph B. Glotzbach M.B.A. Scholarship and Kendall Scholarship for Overseas Experience; Regan James Doyle, Legacy Award and Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry

Davisburg: Abigail Bauer, Nutrition for Youth Graduate Scholarship

Grand Blanc: Austin Lee Harris, Engineering Scholarship and Brent and Bonnie Heidebrecht Engineering Scholarship

Howell: Josie Ruth Doefer, Engineering Scholarship

Kalamazoo: Danielle Annette Quesnell, Medallion Scholarship

Lowell: Paula Kay Blough, Agriculture Enhancement

Saline: Elizabeth Hughes, Medallion Scholarship

West Olive: Stephanie Kristine Lacy, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship and Legacy Award



Chanhassen: Samuel Shaw Thayer, J E Dunn Excellence Fund in Construction Science and Management and Nightingale Scholarship

Circle Pines: Angela Dee Adams, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Duluth: Cyndi Lea Preston, Arts & Sciences Excellence, COHO Scholarship and Megan Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Modern Languages

Edina: Marit Louise Pavek, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Honors Scholarship

Excelsior: Emily Elizabeth Ehlers, Everett H. Smith, Jr. Scholarship

Faribault: Samantha Jean Petricka, Honors Scholarship

Hollandale: Sara Rae Price, Baeten Farm Scholarship

Long Lake: Ryan Dale Baker, Legacy Award and Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry

Marshall: Jenna Leigh Surprenant, Arts & Sciences Excellence, Thelma Wolfersperger Holliday Scholarship and Honors Scholarship

Minnetonka: Bailee Brooke Haines, Legacy Award

Norcross: Allie Meaghan Marks, Walter E. Gilmore Memorial Scholarship in Agronomy

Northfield: Michael David Polzin, Transfer Honors Scholarship

Pine Island: Michael Anthony Benike, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship, ConocoPhillips Management Information Systems Scholarship and Honors Scholarship; Alison Rose Manthei, Honors Scholarship, Kay Meggers-Siemens Corporation Management Scholarship, Kendall Scholarship for Overseas Experience and Rebecca Jane Trible Memorial Scholarship

Rosemount: Jason Date, Cessna Scholarship and Salina Scholarship-Housing

Saint Paul: Dominic Albin Krezowski, Honors Scholarship

Stillwater: Anna Gayle Groppoli, Denison Scholarship

Watertown: Laurel Margaret Pierson, Agriculture Enhancement

Winona: Sara Katherine Wasinger, Legacy Award

Woodbury: Haley Lynne Caughron, Legacy Award



Oxford: Virginia Susan Webb, Joan Coleman Graduate Fellowship



Adrian: Andrew Charles Engelhardt, Denison Scholarship; Joshua Ray Huenefeld, Engineering Scholarship

Amoret: Jared Neil Wilson, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center; Lindsey Jean Wilson, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

Ballwin: Lauren Elizabeth Delosky, Engineering Scholarship; Cameron James Finch, Travis W. Miller Memorial Scholarship and Transfer Purple & White Scholarship; Melissa Carol May, Harold O. & Jane Neff Engineering Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Carson Mae O'Connor, Legacy Award

Belton: Kyle David Becraft, Legacy Award; Julia Lauraine Black, Wilma Johnston and James L. Hollis Scholarship for Home Economics and Transfer Purple & White Scholarship; Ryan Robert Schmidt, Denison Scholarship; Precious Leah Vassol, Legacy Award

Blue Springs: Marissa Victoria Haglund, Agriculture Enhancement; Emily Theresa Jorgensen, Legacy Award; Timothy Michael Meyers, Amos I.T. Chang Scholarship in Architecture; John Michael Orick, Agriculture Enhancement; Justin Thomas Thatcher, Legacy Award; Blake Daniel Thomas, Agriculture Enhancement

Butler: Katrina Lynn Moore, Purple & White Scholarship

Chadwick: Jeremy Dale Sisco, Timmons (George S/Monita M) and Transfer Purple & White Scholarship

Chesterfield: Elizabeth Lee Tung, Memorial Scholarship and Margaret E. Raffington Memorial Scholarship

Columbia: Morgan Laura Pearn, Legacy Award; Russell Neil Propp, Legacy Award; Katherine Faith Shikles, Engineering Scholarship; Ryan Andrew Wilkerson, Conocophillips Spirit Scholarship, Excellence in Service Student Foundation Scholarship, Finance Advisory Board Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship

Country Club: Kristofer Robert Grieves, Chris Camarena Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Scholarship

Dearborn: Ashley Kuttin Coffee, Purple & White Scholarship; Del Jones, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Denison Scholarship

Fenton: Heather Ann Haberberger, The Mildred E. Cummings Memorial Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship

Florissant: Alyse Rilling Bronder, Purple & White Scholarship; Leah Mack, Engineering Scholarship

Gladstone: Jonathan Cameron Bahmani, Memorial Scholarship; Jennifer Beth Egeland, Nutrition for Youth Graduate Scholarship

Grandview: Joshua Loyd Doss, The David Alan Kesler Memorial Scholarship; Kathleen Renee Neugebauer, Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarship Fund in Agriculture and Joseph T. and Ann L. Davis Memorial Scholarship; Kerri Allison Neugebauer, Todd A. Kintigh Memorial Scholarship; Rebecca Ellen Heinzler Sowers, Purple & White Scholarship; Kaila Lanice Toombs, Cargill Project Impact Scholarships, Memorial Scholarship, Dr. L.A. Rumsey Scholarship and Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry

Higginsville: Chad Matthew Nuelle, Agriculture Enhancement

Holt: Samantha Kay Protsman, J. O. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship

Independence: Cassie Jo Brown, Denison Scholarship; Matthew Patrick Whetstone, The William B. Fullerton Jr. Scholarship in Architecture and Design; Garrett Williams, Purple & White Scholarship

Jefferson City: Elyse Anne Christie, Legacy Award; Rachel Cook Gardner, Frances Schepp and Leslie E. Wilkie Memorial Scholarship; Samuel Dalton Hague, Engineering Scholarship; Patrick Daniel Mcgrail, Engineering Scholarship and Benjamin W. and Lillie M. Johnson Lafene Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship

Joplin: Adrienne Louise Courtney, Legacy Award

Kansas City: Thomas David Adams, Activity Scholarship; Kathryn Blair, Denison Scholarship and Lt. Col. Earl J. Garvin Distinguished Citizenship Award; Audrey Marie Brown, Purple & White Scholarship; Kendall Lee Burns, Transfer Legacy Scholarship; Bradley Dewight Craig, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Transfer Purple & White Scholarship; Katie Renee Croswhite, Purple & White Scholarship; Alyson Dewitt, College of Education Development Council Scholarship, College of Education Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Abby Nicole Fay, Purple & White Scholarship; Rebecca Michelle Gentry, BRiC Partnership Architectural Engineering & Construction Science Scholarship Fund and Engineering Scholarship; Caleb Samuel Greinke, Friends of History Fund and Purple & White Scholarship; Josh Christman Heath, Engineering Scholarship and KSU Marching Band Scholarship; Sarah Michelle Kesler, Human Ecology Telefund Fund and Purple & White Scholarship; David Korth, Legacy Award; Aleksandar Glenn Lange, Transfer Legacy Scholarship; Madeleine Glynn Little, Agriculture Scholarship; David Joseph Macke, Engineering Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Joseph M Martinez, Engineering Scholarship; Lauren Michelle Mathewson, Denison Scholarship; Sarah Ann Pink, Kansas City Design Center Fund; Dominic Enrique Ruiz, Legacy Award; Jared Schelp, Opportunity Scholarship; Christopher Fabian Seidler, Denison Scholarship, Thomas G. Hobbs Memorial Scholarship and Margaret M. Ressegieu Agricultural Memorial Scholarship; Victoria Renee Shaw, Legacy Award; Keeley Brianne Smith, Purple & White Scholarship; Kari Jo Sommers, Legacy Award; Samantha Kay Stalcup, Edna Horton Laude Memorial Scholarship in Home Economics and Purple & White Scholarship; Matthew Alan Stull, Legacy Award; Soren Sandbrink Thomsen, Activity Scholarship; Jake Donigan Walsh, Purple & White Scholarship; Hanna Louise Wiltfong, Mamie Alexander Boyd Memorial Journalism Scholarship, Journalism Anniversary Fund and Purple & White Scholarship

Lake Lotawana: Bryan Michael Poynter, Memorial Scholarship

Lake Winnebago: Elizabeth Whitney Kaifes, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship; Lisa Karen Oberlechner, Bakers National Educational Foundation Scholarship and Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry

Lee's Summit: Kelsey Lyn Angle, Floyd O. Wolfenbarger Scholarship; Angela Marie Cusimano, Purple & White Scholarship; Lauren Kathleen Hand, Nina M. Browning Memorial Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Ross Patrick Hand, Purple & White Scholarship; Kathryn June Herde, Legacy Award; Tanya Karina Jana, Memorial Scholarship and The Special Scholarship; Rachel Christine Janssen, Legacy Award; Monica Klawuhn, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Allison Lynn McAnulty, Legacy Award; Robert Jacob Mosimann, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Legacy Award; Allison Rebecca Mott, Ernst & Young Accounting and Charles F. Moggie Scholarship and KSU Alumni with Arthur Andersen and Company Scholarship; Abbygale Quinn Newman, Denison Scholarship and Kelce Foundation Scholarship; Allison Renee Seiler, Legacy Award and Wiltfong Family Leadership Scholarship; Brian Chapin Sherley, Denison Scholarship; Jonathan William Stacks, Engineering Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Lindsey Marie Thompson, Engineering Scholarship; Kerry Townsend Williams, Engineering Scholarship; Cynthia Marie Zara, Legacy Award

Liberty: Joseph Miguel Valdes, Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Jarrod Robert Zaborac, Engineering Scholarship

Manchester: Jessica Lynn Ritter, Purple & White Scholarship

Monett: Ethan Howard Frazier, Denison Scholarship

Mound City: Lauren Abigail Geiger, Willis G. Griffing Scholarship and Elizabeth and William Henry Hinshaw Memorial Scholarship

Nevada: Tiffany Danielle Cartwright, Peter B. Curtis Memorial Scholarship

New Haven: Stacy Nicole Bain, Purple & White Scholarship

New London: Jessica Lyn Buffington, Agriculture Enhancement and KSU Rodeo Club Endowed Scholarship

Nixa: Derek David Marcuson, Legacy Award, Salina Scholarship-Housing and Salina Scholarship-Tuition; Seaton M Owensby, Purple & White Scholarship, Salina Scholarship-Flight and Salina Scholarship-Housing

O' Fallon: David Michael Backs, Jack Durgan Interior Architecture Scholarship; Anthony James Winkelmann, Memorial Scholarship; Abbie Kathleen Keenoy, Denison Scholarship

Parkville: Brendan Lee Bishop, Purple & White Scholarship; Tyler Graham Nelson, Legacy Award

Peculiar: Yasmine Mitchell, Agriculture Enhancement, Cargill Project Impact Scholarship and Denison Scholarship

Platte City: Jared Michael Burns, Legacy Award; Erin Leigh Kornacki, Army ROTC Scholarship and Legacy Award; Tess Ann Kornacki, Army ROTC Scholarship and Legacy Award; Karim Tanus, Legacy Award

Platte Woods: Kevin Carleton Cooper, Engineering Scholarship and Legacy Award; Charles Mitchell Mcdowell, Robert P. Ealy Scholarship

Pleasant Valley: Megan Lea Denison, Purple & White Scholarship

Raymore: Shelby Ann Lueckenotto, Legacy Award

Reeds Spring: Morgan M Ball, Achievement Award; Hayden Thomas Thull, Engineering Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship

Rock Port: Adam Michael Metzger, Legacy Award

Saint Charles: Jennifer Kannard, Legacy Award; Justin L Kannard, Legacy Award; Audrianna Stowe, Legacy Award; Jordan Courtney Wilkinson, TBG Partners Scholarship

Saint Joseph: Johnathan Michael Bachman, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Legacy Award; Kevin Michael Brown, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Gates Capital Management Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Julia Nicole Brunner, Belstra Milling Scholarship, K-State Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship, Legacy Award and Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry; Emily Morgan Wearing, Legacy Award

Saint Louis: Christopher Thomas Amsler, NACME Scholarship; Katherine Andrea Baber, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Justin Dereke Brown, Student Opportunity Awards: K-State Proud; Justin Dean Clark, Engineering Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship; Cornelius Mark Davis, Engineering Scholarship; Kelsey Jordan Hoffmann, Journalism and Mass Communications Merit Scholarship, KSU Dance Scholarship and Purple & White Scholarship; Kira Michelle Klein, Engineering Scholarship; Latoya Rene Lomax, Denison Scholarship; Ahmed Ali Dinar Mohammadein, Memorial Scholarship

Saint Peters: Katherine Marie Gallagher, Kansas State University Chapter Blue Key Scholarship and James H. and Mary A. Grossenkemper Scholarship; Mellina Oni Stephen, Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship

Savannah: Emily Katherine Rost, Legacy Award

Smithville: Eric Paul Grusenmeyer, Engineering Scholarship and KSU Marching Band Scholarship

Springfield: Amanda Elizabeth Meinhardt, Denison Scholarship and Marie Muxlow Scholarship

Trenton: Christina Kay Ferguson, Nutrition for Youth Graduate Scholarship

Warrensburg: AnnaMarie Rose Bliss, Clayco/Forum Studio Architecture Scholarship and Kansas State University Parents Telefund Scholarship; Caitlyn Elise Palmer, Memorial Scholarship; Sean Eric Reed, Engineering Scholarship; Erin Marie Warden, Legacy Award

Webster Groves: Thomas Christopher Tobin, Agriculture Enhancement and Denison Scholarship

Wildwood: Melanie Hinzpeter, Agriculture Scholarship; Brian Thomas Schrotenboer, Coonrod Memorial Construction Scholarship, E & K Company Scholarship in Construction Science & Management and Purple & White Scholarship

Winfield: Jonathan Michael Ryan, Robert P. Ealy Scholarship



Three Forks: Karoline Margaret Rose, Activity Scholarship and Agriculture Enhancement


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