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News release prepared by: Julie Fosberg, 785-532-2535, media@k-state.edu
Note to editors: This list includes only the names of students who have received scholarships that total $1,000 or more. Recipients are listed by county and hometown. The complete scholarship list also is available at our website, http://www.k-state.edu/media.

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010


MANHATTAN -- More than 8,500 Kansas State University students have been awarded academic scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year. In all, K-State students have received more than $16 million in scholarships.

Most of the scholarships are made possible through donations and gifts to the Kansas State University Foundation.

Information on K-State student financial assistance is available at http://www.k-state.edu/sfa.

K-State students receiving scholarships totaling more than $1,000 include:



Geary County

Fort Riley: Annie Jo Bates, Transfer Scholarship; Janice M Borges, Memorial Scholarship; Kaitlin Mae Downing, Foundation Scholarship; McKenna Amber Farrell, Transfer Scholarship; Daniel Madsen, Dean's Choice Scholarship and Transfer Academic Scholarship; Lara Michelle Riviere, Memorial Scholarship; Cassandra Marie Townsend, Activity Scholarship

Junction City: Dilon Isaac Altwegg, Activity Scholarship and J. Gordon Auld and Raymond W. Olson Family Memorial Scholarship; Sarah Anne Bernard-Stevens, KSU Marching Band Scholarship, Marion H. Pelton Scholarship and The Caroline F. Peine Music Scholarship; Jonathan Taylor Colston, Rathbone Scholarship; Nicholas Anthony Corey, Allison Army ROTC Scholarship and Ivy Fuller Olds Scholarship in Military Science; Allison Marie Coy, College of Education Scholarship and Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Bria Iyana Dansby, Activity Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Ashli Daphne Davis, Memorial Scholarship; Brittany Jonay Delaney, Memorial Scholarship; Taylor Baker Diehl, High Plains Engineering Technology Scholarship and National Science Fdn – Elite; Lauren Leigh Echevarria, Memorial Scholarship; Kyle Lee Foerschler, Engineering Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship and KSU Marching Band Scholarship; Alexander Robert Griffiths, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Yolonda Guyton, Memorial Scholarship, Vera M. Ellithorpe Scholarship in Human Ecology and Wesley A. Zellner Memorial Scholarship; Nathen Kozlowski, Achievement Award; Brittany Lynn Lanning, Memorial Scholarship and Mr. and Mrs. William G. Freeman Memorial Scholarship; Anthony Felipe Magallanes, Ivy Fuller Olds Scholarship in Military Science, Manhattan Mutual Life Insurance Company - James A. McCain Commemorative Scholarship, Lora E. Marietta Memorial Scholarship in Army ROTC and Memorial Scholarship; Charles Norman Matthews, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship; Carianne Michelle McCabe, Grace Smith Ostenberg Memorial Scholarship; Miles Tre McCall, President's Scholarship; Michael John Poland, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship and John T Whetzel Scholarship; Anita Kay Pritchett, Crosby Family Education Scholarship and Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship; Joshua Giovanni Serrano, Allison Army ROTC Scholarship; Amanda Marie Smith, Transfer Scholarship; Cathy Marie Stage, Human Ecology Telefund Fund and Memorial Scholarship; eremy James Stenstrom, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship; Amanda Nichole Taylor, Business Administration Dean's Scholarship, Eva Ford Scholarship, Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship; Dionysius Darnay Theres, Bruce A. Adams Army ROTC Scholarship; Laura Ivette Vallejo, KSU Theatre Fund; Kathleen Wilson, Engineering Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship and McDonald's Restaurants/Kansas Regents Honors Academy Scholarship; Jacob Christopher Wright, Memorial Scholarship and Ralph W. Reb Endowed Scholarship

Milford: Patrick Michael McElligott, Memorial Scholarship, Salina Scholarship-Flight and Salina Scholarship-Housing


Gove County

Grinnell: Allison Lerae Dohm, Taylor L. and Katherine C. Jones LMIC Scholarship; Drew Joseph Schoendaler, Cenex Foundation Scholarship and Tim Lim Undergraduate Scholarship in Agriculture

Park: Lucas Ochs, Coonrod Memorial Architectural Engineering Scholarship, Dane Hansen Foundation Scholarship, Max E. Foote Scholarship and Tointon Family Scholarship

Quinter: Zachary Warren Nemechek, Achievement Award


Graham County

Hill City: Emily Elizabeth Gansel, Activity Scholarship; Jordan Brian Vincent, Achievement Award


Grant County

Ulysses: Courtney Blake Cate, KSU Alumni Association Scholarship


Gray County

Cimarron: Trenton Lee Fairbank, C. Fred Samp Mechanical Engineering Scholarship, Engineering Scholarship, Howard Swanson Memorial Scholarship, Mechanical Engineering Excellence Fund and Muchnic Foundation Scholarship; Lindsay M Underwood, Dean's Choice Scholarship, KSU Alumni Association Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship

Copeland: Heather Nicole Gibson, Charles W. and Lois H. Nauheim 4-H Scholarship; Megan Michelle Gibson, College of Education Scholarship

Ingalls: Savannah Elizabeth Dwyre, Engineering Scholarship, Frances Fyfe Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Emily Rae Hoskinson, Engineering Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship

Montezuma: Weston Joe Koehn, The Virginial N. Gibson Scholarship for Horticulture; Marisa Rene Love, Foundation Scholarship


Greeley County

Tribune: Mackenzi Rashelle Bender, Activity Scholarship; Zachary Allen Kail, Engineering Scholarship; Ruddy Yanez, Activity Scholarship and Memorial Scholarship


Greenwood County

Eureka: Kelsie Jordan Ball, Clifford and Thelma Joslin Memorial Scholarship, Edith L. Stunkel Endowed Assistantship and Grace D. Brill Scholarship; Wyatt Louis Bechtel, Genny and Lowell Brandner Scholarship and Goppert Foundation Scholarship in Agriculture; Joseph Adam Shaw, Civil Engineering Excellence Scholarship, Phebe Bissell Memorial Scholarship in Engineering and Tointon Family Scholarship

Hamilton: Shelby Nicole Buster, Achievement Award; Tina Lee Ratcliff, Dean's Choice Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship and KSU Alumni Association Scholarship

Lamont: Andrew James McVey, Achievement Award

Madison: Alleda Marie McClelland, KSU Alumni Association Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship; Henry Lamont Ott, Charles D. Singelton Scholarship in Grain Science and Industry, KSU Alumni Association Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship


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