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Source: Anita Cortez, 785-532-5864, cortez@k-state.edu
Video available. Access at http://tinyurl.com/y4599h2
Note to editors: Ariel Anib is a graduate of Olathe East High School; Barbara Braga, Priscilla De Los Santos and Derrik Wiggins are all graduates of Olathe North High School; Justin Curry is a graduate of Olathe Northwest High School; and Kale Lothamer is a graduate of Olathe South High School.
News release prepared by: Kristin Hodges, 785-532-6415, khodges2@k-state.edu

Friday, April 16, 2010


MANHATTAN -- Kansas State University undergraduate researchers will showcase their projects at the Developing Scholars Program Research Poster Symposium, Sunday, April 18.

The annual symposium highlights the research work of the scholars as they present posters from 2-4 p.m. in the K-State Student Union Ballroom.

The program, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has a history of supporting students who have not been well represented in higher education in Kansas. The program pairs underrepresented students with faculty members for research projects.

"This program really helped open the doors to labs and professors across campus for students who historically were underrepresented in such venues," said Anita Cortez, director of the Developing Scholars Program. "Before Developing Scholars, only a small number of students of color or first-generation college students found the way to get involved with research during their undergraduate years. Ten years later, the program has graduated 103 students, with more on the pathway."

Many K-State graduates who were in the Developing Scholars Program continue their education at professional schools, Cortez said.

"Innovation is not achieved merely with intelligence or observations – we need imagination and lots of passion," said Jorge Mendoza, senior in biology, Garden City, and a member of the Developing Scholars Program. "Developing Scholars are passionate about exploring, learning and developing new ideas."

The following students will be presenting their research at the symposium:

April Hostetler, Baldwin City, "Phase/State Behavior of Wheat Kernels in Relation to Their Milling Performance"; Matthew James, Clay Center, "Movements of an Infection through a Rural Environment."

From Dodge City: Miguel Aldrete, "Altered Short-term Regulation of Pyruvate Dehydrogenas Kinase for Ameliorating Type II Diabetes, Heart Ischemia and Cancer Cell Growth"; Dalila Del Real, "A New Therapeutic Target for Malignant Gliomas"; Anthony Garcia, "Are Aging and Heart Failure Similar Syndromes of Sympathetic Dysregulation?"; Edmond Rivera Jr., "Study of Hemolymph Proteinase 13"; Perla Salazar, "Similarity Solutions to a Degenerate Parabolic Equation Used in Image Restoration"; Victor Salazar, "Non-Linear Control of Under Actuated Mechanical Systems"; and Evgeniy Shishkin, "Chemically-selective Deposition of Metal Nanoparticles on Horizontally-oriented Nanoscale Structures."

Kristina Bigelow, Elsmore, "Disruption of Nedd4 and Connexin by Gap Junction Enhancers in Breast Cancer Cells."

From Garden City: L. Jeanette Aldana, "The Genetics of Egg-laying Induction in a Cricket"; Jorge E. Mendoza, "Admission Requirements for Integrated Science Doctoral Programs"; Kathy Nguyen, "Is There a Link Between Bitterness Sensitivity and Type 2 Diabetes in Humans?"; Vanessa Reyes, "Injury Education for Violinists and Violists"; Oscar Rodriguez, "Applications of Speech Recognition in Common Software"; and Jimmie Stewart III, "CFTR Expression is Required for Maintenance of Male Reproductive Duct Structures."

Elizabeth Trevino, Holcomb, "Characterization of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal Cells."

From Greater Kansas City: Jaime Arreola, "Examining Flow and Cortisol in Intimate Relationships After Conflict and 'Happy Times,'" Marcus Bragg, "The Great Depression Versus The Great Recession," Stephanie De Spain, "Nonprofit Life Stage Assessment and Its Relationship to Organization Sustainability, Catrina Elmore, "Group Identification: How Outcome Effects on Juror Judgments in Fraud Cases Can Be Influenced by Controlling Juror Surprise," Blake Franklin, "3-D Websites," Morgan Franklin, "Examining Best Practices in the Development of a Public Relations Campaign for Sportsmanship at Kansas State University," Curtis McClain III, "The Effects of Work Rate on Heart Rate Variability," Stefani McCluney, "Effects of Trauma and Deployment on Military Couples: What Helps Them to Sustain and be Resilient to the War and/or Deployment Cycles?," and all from Kansas City, Kan.; Jenny Menjivar, "Gene Expression Analysis of Epithelial Antimicrobial Peptides in Domestic and Wild Carnivore Species," and William Rand, "New Building, New Tricks: Green Buildings in Manhattan and Kansas City," both from Kansas City, Mo.; Karmen Harris, "Wind Energy in Kansas: Not Just a Bunch of Hot Air," and Robert Moreno, "Sports Fanfare and Common Identity: The Differences between Caucasians and Latino-Americans," both from Lenexa; Liliana Garcia, Merriam, "GNBPA2 Role in Anopheles Gambiae Mosquitoes"; Ariel Anib, "Who Gets Death?: Understanding the Characteristics and Individual Case Factors of Death Row Inmates in Texas," Barbara Braga, Olathe, "MspA in Mycobacterium smegmatis," Justin Curry, "Understanding How Wind Turbines Work," Priscilla De Los Santos, "Effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on Calpain 4 Expression in the Horse Gastrointestinal Tract," Kale Lothamer, "Surveillance of Enterococcus Contamination in Small Animal Hospital Environments in Kansas," and Derrik Wiggins, "Custodial Fathers," all from Olathe; and Eduardo Alvarado, "Effects of Song Lyrics on Affect and Cognitions," and Jessica Rodriguez, "The Effects of Concurrent Administration of Cytochrome P-450 (CYP) Inhibitors on the Pharmacokinetics of Oral Methadone in Healthy Dogs," both from Overland Park.

Dakota Chambers, Lacygne, "Radiographic Abnormalities in Geriatric Screening of Dogs and Cats Introduction/Purpose"; Michelle Foster, Leavenworth, "Representation of Latino Masculinity in Popular Culture"; Edlin Ortiz, "The Use of Wolfberry to Fight Against Age-Related Macular Degeneration," and Jose Valles, "Bilingual Audiovisual Technology Improves Dairy Animal Care and Quality Assurance," both from Liberal.

From Manhattan: Jose Chavira, "Non-Linear Control of Under Actuated Mechanical Systems"; Emma Del Real, "Role of Post-translational modifications of a Viral Fibroblast Growth Factor on Virulence"; Rose Djiofack, "The Juniper Gardens Urban Agriculture Project"; Alejandro Estrada, "Testing for Drosophila melanogaster Genes Involved in Ehrlichia chaffeensis Infections"; Tamica Lige, "Meeting with Masters: A Biographer's Responsibility to History and Himself, The Vasari Perspective"; Alexia Sampson-Bellot, "Detecting Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis in Domestic Animals by Polymerase Chain Reaction"; Jasmine Sharp, "Biogeography of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper"; Jaime Tobon, "Analysis of Dopachrome Conversion Enzyme mRNA Expression in Sand Flies"; Adam White, "Interaction Between a Train of Femtosecond Pulses and an Atomic Ladder System"; and Caleb Wurth, "Method Matters."

Victoria Fort, Tonganoxie, "Five Alpha-Reductase Inhibitors for Prostate Tumor Reduction"; and Alejandro De Luna, Wichita, "Cost Effectiveness of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification."

From out of state: Caroline Fulton, Madison, Ind., "Changes in Body Weight in Lactating Alpacas"; Leonel Hernandez, Hooker, Okla., "Relating Building Information Modeling and Architectural Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum"; Christopher Sanders, St. Charles, Mo., "Mapping Kansas State University's Form: Influences of the Presidents"; T'Keiyah Bell, St. Joseph, Mo., "The Synthesis of Polymers"; Mychal Christopher Davis, Omaha, Neb., "Avian Feces Carry Plasmids that can Transfer Antibiotic Resistance in Food-borne Pathogens"; David Villanueva, Baytown, Texas, "A New Approach to Photodynamic Therapy"; Rymonda Davis, Fort Worth, Texas, "The Exploration of Image in Media"; and Jasmine Taylor, San Antonio, Texas, "Does Cryotherapy, Used as a Preventative Strategy for Equine Laminitis, Cause Pain?"



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