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Topics and Experts

P topics

Parenting children with Down syndrome
Briana S. Nelson Goff, bnelson@k-state.edu

Parks and greenspace for physical and mental health
Gina Besenyi, gbesenyi@k-state.edu

Partnership tax
Dann Fisher, dfisher@k-state.edu

Pathogen capture and detection
Jun Li, junli@k-state.edu

Pattern recognition in electrical and computer engineering
Dwight Day, day@k-state.edu

Pedagogy techniques in health sciences
Bernadette Olson, blolson@k-state.edu

Peer leader education
Tamara Bauer, tamera@k-state.edu

Performance enhancement
Robert F. Pettay, pet7@k-state.edu

Performance measurement of IT personnel
Michael Chilton, mchilton@k-state.edu

Personal finance
Elizabeth Kiss, dekiss4@k-state.edu

Person-centered care
Laci Cornelison, ljh8484@k-state.edu

Person-centered care in nursing homes
Migette Kaup, kaup@k-state.edu

Frannie Miller, fmiller@k-state.edu
Kris Silver, ksilverk-state.edu
Kun Yan Zhu, 


Pesticides, applicator training
Frannie Miller, fmiller@k-state.edu

Pest management
Brian McCornack, mccornack-state.edu

Pet food processing
Greg Aldrich, aldrich4@k-state.edu

Thomas Phillips, twp1@k-state.edu

Philosophy of biology
Bruce Glymour, 


Philosophy of law
John Mahoney, 

Philosophy of science
Bruce Glymour, glymour@k-state.ed

Physical activity
Ric Rosenkranz, ricardo@k-state.edu

Physical activity and built environment
Katie Heinrich, kmhphd@k-state.edu

Physical activity in community settings
Gina Besenyi, gbesenyi@k-state.edu

Physical activity motivation
Emily Mailey, emailey@k-state.edu

Physical activity and nutrition interactions
Sara Rosenkranz, sararose@k-state.edu

Physical activity and sedentary behavior
Sara Rosenkranz, sararose@k-state.edu

Physical activity and obesity
Katie Heinrich,  kmhphd@k-state.edu

Physical activity policies
Katie Heinrich, kmhphd@k-state.edu

Physical activity promotion
Emily Mailey, emailey@k-state.edu

Brian Lindshield, blindsh@k-state.edu
Weiqun "George" Wang, wwang@k-state.edu

Phytochemicals and human health
Channa Rajashekar,crajashek-state.edu

Phytochemicals, functional foods, micronutrients and/or botanicals
Brian Lindshield, blindsh@k-state.edu

Mary Beth Kirkham, 

Pilot examiner
Bill Gross,

Place attachment and place dependency
Rick J. Scheidt, rscheidt@k-state.edu

Blake Belanger, belander@k-state.edu

Plains Indian archeology
Lauren Ritterbush, lritterb@k-state.edu

Plant biosecurity
Jim Stack, 


Plant design
Huseyin Dogan,hdogan@k-state.edu

Plant diseases (general)
Judy O'Mara, jomara@k-state.edu

Plant diseases in landscape and gardens
Judy O'Mara, jomara@k-state.edu

Plant diseases and global trade
Jim Stack, 


Plant operations
Fran Churchill, fmchurchill@k-state.edu
Shawn Thiele, smt9999@k-state.edu
Jason Watt, jwatt1@k-state.edu

Plant transformation
Harold Trick, hnt@k-state.edu

Sungo Kim, sungo@k-state.edu

Plate tectonics
Matthew Brueseke, brueseke@k-state.edu

Police and society
Sue Williams, lswilli@k-state.edu

Political leadership
Brandon Kliewer, bkliewer@k-state.edu

Political philosophy
Jon Mahoney, 

Political skill and leadership
Andrew Wefald, wefald@k-state.edu

Pollution prevention opportunities for industry
Nancy Larson, 


Population, geography
Max Lu, maxlu@k-state.edu

Positive youth development
Elaine Johannes, ejohanne@k-state.edu

Postprandial metabolic outcomes
Sara Rosenkranz, sararose@k-state.edu

Post-traumatic stress disorder and secondary traumatic stress in partners
Briana S. Nelson Goff, bnelson@k-state.edu

Scott Beyer, 

Elaine Johannes, ejohanne@k-state.edu

Powder rheology
Kaliramesh Siliveru, kaliramesh@k-state.edu

Power electronics
Behrooz Mirafzal, mirafzal@k-state.edu
Mohammad Shadmand, mshadmand@k-state.edu

Power systems cybersecurity
Hongyu Wu, hongyuwu@k-state.edu

Precision management
Gretchen Sassenrath, gsassenrath@k-state.edu

Prediction and forecasting,
 psychology of
Michael Young, 

Presidential pets
Ronnie Elmore, 

Preventative medicine for physically active individuals
Shawna Jordan, jordan@k-state.edu

Prevention, treatment of intimate partner violence
Chelsea Spencer, cspencer@k-state.edu

Prisons and prisoners
Sue Williams, lswilli@k-state.edu

Privacy and anonymity
Eugene Vasserman, eyv@k-state.edu

Procurement and logistics
Myung Kyo Kim, myungkyo@k-state.edu

Produce food safety
Junehee Kwon, jkown@k-state.edu

Produce postharvest handling
Eleni Pliakoni, epliakonik-state.edu

Produce quality
Eleni Pliakoni, epliakonik-state.edu

Product and technology development
Brad Kramer, bradleyk@k-state.edu

Production planning and control
David Ben-Arieh, davidbe@k-state.edu

Professional and Olympic athletic training experience
Phill Vardiman, pvardiman@k-state.edu

Professionalism in sales
Dawn Deeter, ddeeter@k-state.edu

Professional selling
J.J. Brotton, jjbrotton@k-state.edu
Dawn Deeter, ddeeter@k-state.edu
David Fallin, dfallin@k-state.edu

Project management
Ike Ehie, iehie@k-state.edu
Chwen Sheu, csheu@k-state.edu

Promoting physical activity among mothers
Emily Mailey, emailey@k-state.edu

Mark Haub, haub@k-state.edu

Protein chemistry and applications
Yonghui Li, yonghui@k-state.edu

Sam Bell, sbell3@k-state.edu

Psychological contracts
William Turnley, 

Public deliberation
Tim Steffensmeir, steffy@k-state.edu

Public engagement
Timothy Shaffer, tjshaffer@k-state.edu

Public finance
John Leatherman, 

Public health interventions
Emily Mailey, emailey@k-state.edu

Public health nutrition
Ric Rosenkranz, ricardo@k-state.edu

Public health logistics
Jessica Heier Stamm, jlhs@k-state.edu

Public opinion
Nathaniel Birkhead, birkhead@k-state.edu

Public relations
Danielle LaGree, danilagree@k-state.edu

Public space
Anne Beamish, abeamish@k-state.edu

Pulmonary and muscle gas exchange
David C. Poole, 

Pulmonary limits to exercise
Craig Harms, caharms@k-state.edu