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Topics and Experts

A topics

Academic preparation and careers of registered dietitians
Amber Howells, geist78@k-state.edu

Accounting controls/business
Dann Fisher, dfisher@k-state.edu

Accounting information systems
Stacy Kovar, skovar@k-state.edu

Accounting regulation
Kingsley Olibe, libeko@k-state.edu

Accounting theory
Kingsley Olibe, olibeko@k-state.edu

Acquired communication disorders in children and adults
Jeridy Oetken, jeridy@k-state.edu

Acquired/congenital heart diseases
Justin Thomason, jthomason11@vet.k-state.edu

Adaptive leadership
Tamara Bauer, tamera@k-state.edu

Administration of food and nutrition programs
Kevin Sauer, ksauer@k-state.edu

Elaine Johannes, ejohanne@k-state.edu

Adolescent and young adult obesity prevention research
Tandalayo Kidd, martan@k-state.edu

Adolescent behavior
Kristin Anders, kanders8@k-state.edu

Adolescent parent's co-parenting relationships
Michelle Toews, mltoews@k-state.edu

Advance health care planning
Erin Yelland, erinyelland@k-state.edu

Katie Olsen, olsenk@k-state.edu

Affordable housing value and space
Susmita Rishi, srishi@k-state.edu

African swine fever virus
Waithaka Mwangi, wmwangi@vet.k-state.edu

Aging-in-place in small rural towns
Rick J. Scheidt, rscheidt@k-state.edu

Agricultural finance
Allen Featherstone, afeather@k-state.edu

Agricultural policy
Andrew Barkley,  barkley@agecon.ksu.edu

Charles "Chuck" Rice, cwrice@k-state.edu

Agronomic biofortification
Zach Stewart, zachstewart@k-state.edu

Aircraft propellers
Andrew Smith, atsmith@k-state.edu

Aircraft reciprocating engines
Andrew Smith, atsmith@k-state.edu

Air quality, indoor
Bruce Snead, bsnead@k-state.edu

Airplane safety
Eric Shappee, wjfpmd@k-state.edu

Air quality in planes
Byron Jones,  jones@k-state.edu

Air quality permitting regulations
Nancy Larson, nlarson@k-state.edu

AI safety and security
Arslan Munir, amunir@k-state.edu

Alcohol consumption and the brain
Meena Kumari, mkumari@k-state.edu

Alcott, Louisa May
Greg Eiselein, eiselei@k-state.edu
Anne K. Phillips, annek@k-state.edu

Michael Flynn, meflynn@k-state.edu

American architectural history
Barbara Anderson, barbara@k-state.edu

American Southwest
Jeffrey S. Smith, jssmith7@k-state.edu

Analytical chemistry
Daniel Higgins, higgins@k-state.edu

Analytical pharmacology
Butch KuKanich, kukanich@k-state.edu

Anatomic pathology, all species
Jamie Henningson, jnb8752@vet.k-state.edu

David Hodgson, dhodgson@k-state.edu

Anesthesia equipment design
David Hodgson, hodgson@vet.k-state.edu

Anesthesia of multiple species
David Hodgson, hodgson@vet.k-state.edu

Anesthesia/pain management
Diane Mason, mason@vet.k-state.edu

Anesthesia, small and large animals
Rose McMurphy, mcmurphy@vet.k-state.edu

Animal identification
Dale Blasi, dblasi@k-state.edu

Animals, lung diseases in
Derek Mosier, damvm@k-state.edu

Animal nutrition
Greg Aldrich, aldrich4@k-state.edu
Chad Paulk, cpaulk@k-state.edu

Antecedents and consequences of tax policy
Amy Hageman, hagemana@k-state.edu

Saeed Khan, saeed@k-state.edu

Antimicrobial resistance
Michael Apley, mapley@vet.k-state.edu

Antimicrobials, usesurveillance and resistance
Brian Lubbers, blubbers@vet.k-state.edu

Apparel consumer behavior
Kim Hiller, kyhc@k-state.edu

Applied biochemistry and metabolic engineering
Yi Zheng, yzheng@k-state.edu

Applied managerial computing
Roger McHaney, mchaney@k-state.edu

Archaeologyand ethnohistory
Lauren Ritterbush, lritterb@k-state.edu

Archaeology and human prehistory of Flint Hills, Kansas and Great Plains
Lauren Ritterbush, lritterb@k-state.edu

Architectural animation and film
Matthew Knox, mknox@k-state.edu

Architectural design
Robert Condia, condia@k-state.edu

Architectural literature
R. Todd Gabbard, rtodd@k-state.edu

Architectural marketing
Wendy Ornelas, wornelas@k-state.edu

Architectural preservation
Barbara Anderson, barbara@k-state.ed

Architecture for aging people with disabilities
Migette Kaup, kaup@k-state.edu

Arthur DeGroat, degroata@k-state.edu

Justin Thomason, jthomason11@vet.k-state.edu

Arthritis in dogs
James K. Roush, roushjk@vet.k-state.edu

Artificial immune systems
Sanjoy Das, sdas@k-state.edu

Asset-based teaching
Tamara Bauer, tamera@k-state.edu

Asthma, pediatric exercise physiology
Craig Harms, caharms@k-state.edu

Astronaut aerobic fitness requirements
Tom Barstow, tbarsto@k-state.edu

At-risk students
Kathleen V. Greene, kgreene@k-state.edu

Australia program
John Leslie, jfl@k-state.edu

Automated manufacturing
Raju Dandu, rdandu@k-state.edu

Julia Morse, jmorse@k-state.edu

Autonomic and cardiovascular reflexes
Steven Copp, scopp@k-state.edu

Aviation maintenance
Andrew Smith, atsmith@k-state.edu

Aviation safety
Eric Shappee, wjfpmd@k-state.edu

Aviation safety, human factors
Kurt Barnhart, kurtb@k-state.edu

Aviation technology
Andrew Smith, atsmith@k-state.edu

Mark Linville, linville@k-state.edu

Auditory processing disorders
Robert Garcia, rgarcia@k-state.edu

Autoimmune diseases
Ken Harkin, harkin@vet.k-state.edu

Autonomic and cardiovascular reflexes
Steven Copp, scopp@k-state.edu

Autonomous systems
Pavithra Prabhakar, pprabhakar@k-state.edu