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  4. May 10, 2010/Update on state budget process




It's expected the state legislature will act on the FY 2011 budget by the end of this week, sending a bill to the governor for action by early June. Based on the current language being considered, we are expecting a flat budget for K-State and the other state universities. These are the actions K-State considered during the budget planning process. 

The next major step is finalizing the tuition component of our budget. As has been discussed, K-State is preparing a request for a 3 percent tuition increase, plus a $10 per hour college fee. The request will be made in May and considered by the Regents in June.  Given the expected legislative action and approval of the tuition increase, it is anticipated the steps outlined in this spring's budget plan will not be modified. 

We will keep you updated as final information becomes available.