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Kansas State University

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Harald E.L. Prins and colleagues published "Acadia National Park, Maine: Asticou's Island Domain," American Indian Places: A Historical Guidebook, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008.

Prins presented "Anthropologists and Unesco's Hylea Amazon Project, 1946-1952," Oxford University, summer 2008.



Gerry Craig published "Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park," anthology Landscapes for Art: Contemporary Sculpture Parks, published by the International Sculpture Center in collaboration with the University of Washington Press, September 2008.


Clinical sciences

Hans Coetzee presented "Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM): What Does This Mean To a Rural Practitioner in Northern Ireland?" "Antimicrobial Therapy of Bovine Mastitis," "Treatment and Prevention of Calf Scours," "Ancillary Therapy of Pneumonia and Endotoxic Mastitis," "Pain Management and Analgesia in Cattle" and "Antimicrobial Therapy of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)," Association of Veterinary Surgeons Practising in Northern Ireland annual conference, Oct. 26-27, Northern Ireland.

James W. Carpenter presented eight lectures on small mammal medicine and surgery, Southwestern Veterinary Symposium, Oct. 3-5, Dallas, Texas.



The following K-State faculty presented at the 31st Applied Geography Conference, Oct. 15-18, Wilmington, Del. This presentation was also published in the Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 31.

Melinda Daniels and colleagues, "Assessing Dam Removal Impacts on Downstream Geomorphic Stability Using Hydrodynamic Modeling." This presentation was also published in the Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 31.

Deborah Che, Bimal K. Paul and student, "Public and Private Responses to the Dec. 28-31, 2006, High Plains Blizzard." This presentation was also published in the Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 31.

Lisa Harrington organized the session "Climatology and Applied Geography: A Tribute in Memory of John Oliver."

John Harrington chaired this session and presented "Climate Classification, Climatic Years, and Climatic Change."

L. Harrington and J. Harrington co-edited the Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 31.



The following K-State faculty presented at the Geological Society of America Meeting, Oct 5-9, Houston Texas:

Iris Totten, "An Earth Science Course for Pre-Service Teachers."

Totten and student, "The Impact of Ability Grouping in Introductory Geology Labs."

Totten co-chaired the session, "Geoscience Education II: Best Practices for Teaching Geoscience."

Matthew Totten, I. Totten, Sam Chaudhuri and student, "Discrimination of Volcanic Ash in the Gulf of Mexico Using Trace and Rare Earth Elements."

Chaudhuri represented the Clay Mineral Society in the Soil Priority Session.

Keith B. Miller, "Patterns, Predictions, and the Fossil Record: Keys to Public Understanding of Common Descent."

I. Totten participated in Geoscience Education Research and Geocognition Interest Group, co-sponsored by National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

Saugata Datta co-chaired the session, "Geochemistry, Organic Geochemistry."

Datta and colleagues, "Sediment Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Arsenic Affected Areas of Northern SonarBangla Aquifer, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India."

Datta and colleagues, "Detailed Clay Mineralogy and Pore Water Geochemistry of Mud and Thermal Measurements from the Vents from Baratang Mud Volcanoes from Andamans, India: Linking Tectonics to Mud Chemistry to Extrusion Mechanism."

Allen Archer and student, "Deposition and Preservation of Estuarine Sediment, Turnagain Arm, Cook Inlet, Alaska."

Archer, colleague and student, "Depositional Zonation and Hypertidal Sedimentation within Turnagain Arm, Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA."

Archer, "Cyclic Tidal Rhythmites: Environmental, Astronomical, and Sequence-Stratigraphic Significance."


Human ecology

Majka Jankowiak and Gayle Doll presented "The Fire Still Burns: Sexuality in Nursing Homes," American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging conference, Oct. 12-15, Philadelphia, Pa.


Modern languages

Claire L. Dehon published "Le Roman chez les auteurs d'origine subsaharienne (2001-2006)," French Review, Vol. 82, No. 1.

Wei Wu presented "Direct Translation in American Culture Course is Not Necessary and Even Counter Productive Under Some Circumstances: K-State Case," The International Conference on Translation Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication and Chinese Pedagogy, Oct. 24-25, Portland State University, Portland, Ore.


Multiple departments

The following K-State faculty presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Academy of Management, Oct. 2-4, St. Louis, Mo.:

Andrew Wefald, Leadership Studies; Ron Downey, psychology; and students, "A Structural Model of Work Load, Job Attitudes, Stress, and Turnover Intentions."

Wefald, Downey and students, "The Relationship of Life and Job Satisfaction to Emerging Attitudes."

Tom Wright and Brian Niehoff, management; and Wefald; "Character-Based Leadership: A Kansas State University Scholarship Showcase."



Thumm presented "Control and Imaging of The Nuclear Dynamics in Small Molecules," 11th International Conference on Multiphoton Physics, Sept. 18-23, Heidelberg, Germany.

Thumm presented "Towards the Complete Imaging of Molecular Dynamics With Ultra-Short Laser Pulses," US Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences contractors meeting, Sept. 14-17, Airlie Conference Center, Warrenton, Va.


Special education, counseling and student affairs

Jim Teagarden presented "What Every Administrator Needs to Know About Behavior Management: 'Blood, Sweat, and Tiers,'" Third Annual Conference for Administrators on Behavior Issues, Oct. 16, Overland Park.

Teagarden presented "Dealing with Angry Adolescent Students in an RTI Setting," Kansas Association of School Psychologists/Council for Exceptional Children Joint Conference, Oct. 17, Junction City.