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McNair Scholars Program

Researching Graduate Programs

There are five main considerations when researching graduate programs:

  • Academics – what programs are offered
  • People – the faculty, administration, and students
  • Location – where the school is physically located
  • Funding – graduate assistantship options and the cost of living
  • Admissibility – the likelihood of gaining admission

Alumni should ask their past professors, graduates of the programs, practicing professionals, and their advisors when considering different graduate programs. They can also search the webpages of the graduate programs themselves as well as the sources below:



UI Graduate and Research Rankings

Financing Graduate Education

Alumni should first consult their prospective programs for funding and financial aid before examining the resources below. Prospective graduate students should not use a scholarship search site that asks for money.

People in the nationwide McNair community have found the following sites helpful:

Looking for Student Aid


Graduate Fellowship Programs