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McCain Performance Series

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McCain Performance Series
Kansas State University
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imPerfect Dancers Company:
Anne Frank — Words From the Shadows

7:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 29

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imPerfect Dancers Company performs Anne Frank-- Words from the Shadow

This inspirational tribute is a work of extraordinary beauty and grace choreographed by Walter Matteini and Ina Broeckx of Italy’s Imperfect Dancers Company. The diary of Anne Frank invites us to think about this dark period of history, seen through the eyes of an adolescent. Warning of the dangers of intolerance, the show’s theme is still relevant today.

“Anne Frank, parole dall’ombra” (“Anne Frank, words from the darkness”) is dedicated to Anne Frank and was made to commemorate the 70th anniversary of her arrest and deportation. The piece begins when after the liberation of Auschwitz, Anne’s father, the only survivor of the family, returns to the Secret Annex where he gets the diary of his daughter. While reading, he discovers aspects of her that he did not expect. He relives their absconding and the tragic events that followed.