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LGBT Resource Center

Gender Fluidity, Transition Experience and University Resources

Policies and procedures at Kansas State University acknowledge the fluidity of gender identity and as a community we seek to affirm the individual's wishes in use of pronouns, name, photo identification, and options in housing, athletics, and many other aspects of campus life.

Through the LGBT Resource Center and various administrative entities we attempt to better enable a student to transition within our campus community safely and positively.

A student's privacy within their transition experience is greatly valued and the University attempts to work closely with the student and pertinent entities through the process of name and gender affirmation on University documentation and within the classroom.  

Name Change Procedures

Primary and Preferred: Kansas State University offers students the option of a primary name field and a preferred name field in the Kansas State Student Information System (KSIS) identification for the majority of University administrative and academic purposes. The basic preferred name change can be accomplished by submitting the Name Change Form to the Office of the Registrar. The University does attempt to use the Preferred name field for administrative and educational purposes in respect of the student's wishes. However, for legal documents pertaining to a student's academic information, financial aid, etc. the Primary name field in KSIS is used. As an option for enhanced privacy for the student there is the option to work with the LGBT Resource Center and Office of Student Life to process the Primary/Preferred Name form, both in person and on-line, through the Registrar and to advocate for the student's preferred name to be used on documents for the purpose of respect for the individual's transition process.  

NEW: Chosen Name Policy (PPM Chapter 3077)

Primary Legal Notification: Students who have had their legal name change on their state identification can change their information using the Name Change Form. The LGBT Resource Center works closely with New Student Services, Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Financial Assistance, and Housing and Dining to ensure that name and gender affirmation on University documentation is reflective of the student's identity. Legal services in the Manhattan area can be recommended by the Resource Center for students wishing to pursue changes in their legal identification.

  • Adult Name Change - Kansas
    • Visit the State of Kansas Judicial Council website for access to required forms, FAQs, and other important information regarding name changes in the state of Kansas.
  • ID Documents Center - NCTE
    • One-stop hub for name and gender change information as provided by the National Center for Transgender Equality. Find out how to update your name and gender on state and federal IDs and records. 


Housing, Dining, and Cat Communities at K-State

For Housing and Dining options at K-State, new and returning students can work with the LGBT Resource Center and Housing and Dining Services to establish the student's needs according to housing preferences. The University attempts to accommodate our trans* community to the best of our ability throughout a student's stay at the University. Housing and Dining Services makes all attempts to respect the student's choice in roommate, room type preference, etc. If a student has specific questions or need of accommodation they are encouraged to contact the LGBT Resource Center, Office of Student Life, or Housing and Dining Services so that these entities can work together to best provide a student with safe and affirming housing options.

In addition to our traditional housing options at K-State, new and returning students have the opportunity to live in our K-State Cat Communities that offer a living and learning experience for students based on particular interests. These communities can offer students an open and affirming environment.


Gender Identification on University Documents

Gender markers on legal documents differ from state to state. In Kansas, the process can seem like a daunting task to an individual but there are resources to help with the process available. Helpful documentation on the Change of Gender Marker on legal forms and identification can be found at the link. For additional legal documentation, individuals are encouraged to investigate their options within the legalities of name and/or gender marker changes. A comprehensive resource can be found here. As a University, we are working to make these changes less of an obstacle by adopting best practices that involve elimination of gender identification on particular documents. Additional options outside of the binary designation of Male and Female are also being utilized to better help our students express themselves appropriately. Please contact the LGBT Resource Center or Office of Student Life to learn more about how we can help to address gender markers for students identifying in the spectrum of gender identity.


Student Photo Identification

New and returning students can have a K-State photo identification card re-issued with their name as it appears in the preferred field on the student's KSIS system and a new photo taken at the request of the student, free of charge, and with a new photo taken.


Understanding Your Rights

Kansas State University upholds the Principles of Community for all students, staff, faculty and community members. The University is also held to the standards of the education policies of the State of Kansas and the U.S. Dept. of Education. Notably, the federal Dept. of Education has begun to clarify many existing policies in acknowledgment of the increasing awareness of gender identities and sexualities. In particular, Title IX clarifications have been released that expressly address trans* identified individuals and communities. If you have any questions about your rights and/or the responsibilities of the University please feel free to contact the LGBT Resource Center, Office of Student Life, or the Office of Institutional Equity.

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