What We Like About DSP...

"I think it is a good opportunity for me to get to know the professors in my field on a more personal level."

"Being in DSP…gives me a snapshot of what graduate school research might be like."

"I saw DSP as an opportunity to participate in an academic program that will put me ahead of my fellow students. I'm learning how to research new information and am getting to meet professionals in a real-world, professional workplace."

"I feel like I am more recognized on campus because I am associated with the Developing Scholars Program. I also feel that my professors automatically assume that I am a talented individual when they see that I am a Developing Scholar."

"I have made numerous contacts around the university. From best friends to esteemed professors and faculty members, I feel these people will be a beneficial asset to my college career. I know they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation or be there if I ever have a question about education or life in general."

"I met many professionals who can further my career. With my mentor, my school work is significantly improving, and I have a new respect for myself."

"Participation in the Developing Scholars Program presents research opportunities that provide desirable skills for graduate and professional programs."

“By participating in the DSP program, I've seen what it takes to be a successful researcher, and from that I feel I am one step closer to solidifying my success in the future.”