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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Student Staff

The student staff is very important to the day-to-day operations of the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies and work in the Leadership Studies Building. Students work in a variety of capacities, including leading building tours, interacting with prospective students, assisting faculty/staff with projects, answering telephones and other administrative duties. Student staff bring individual talents and strengths to our program.

We depend on our student staff to be the voice and smile to anyone who contacts our offices. Whether answering the telephone or an e-mail, or greeting visitors to the building, our student staff make the first impression of our program.

Staley School of Leadership Studies Student Staff Qualifications

  • Current K-State Student
  • Taking courses, enrolled in the minor, or involved in programs through SSLS
  • A GPA minimum of 2.5
  • Strong communication skills (both verbal & written)
  • Initiative/go-getter mentality
  • Flexibility for new projects or situations
  • Readiness to answer the "unasked question"
  • Energetic team player

Any questions? Please contact Kait Long at kaitlinl@ksu.edu. 


Current Student Staff

Stephen KirkwoodHandsOn Kansas Statekirkin56@k-state.edu
Lindsey HamnerHandsOn Kansas Stateldhamner@ksu.edu
Teagan Dahl Academic Mentorsteagand@ksu.edu
Victoria AndazolaAcademic Mentorsvaa@k-state.edu
Anna SiggersPublic Relations Coordinator
Riley FaulkPublic Relations Coordinatorrefaulk99@ksu.edu
Anna SpexarthPublic Relations Coordinator
Savannah SherwoodPublic Relations Coordinatorssherwood@ksu.edu
Katie BuhlerAlternative Breaksktcbuhler@k-state.edu
Kate SchiefereckeAlternative Breaksschiefkate@ksu.edu
Chelsea TurnerInternational Service Teams chelsea0929@ksu.edu
Francisco CardozaInternational Service Teams cardoza@ksu.edu