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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Application and Selection Process

International Service Teams is currently accepting applications for summer 2018.

Applications are being accepted now.

In addition to the applications, applicants must submit a resume, a transcript, and one reference contact. After applications are submitted, applicants will go through an individual interview process with student coordinators of the program. Applicants will be notified of whether or not they have been accepted into the program around mid-November. 


Academic Credit

Participants will complete LEAD 489, a three credit hour course offered through the School of Leadership Studies curriculum. The course is only available to International Service Team members and is specifically designed to prepare students for a summer of service abroad. Using a service-learning model, the International Service Teams course provides students with a background in international service, cross-cultural communication, civic engagement, leadership skills, and team dynamics. Applicants do not need to enroll in the course before official acceptance into the program.

"When I look at what encourages me to become socially involved, I first think of the passion I have for helping others...but if I were to look deeper than that I would have to say that I think that everybody has a responsibility and I believe one of mine to be to give back."

Logan Gauby served in Nyeri, Kenya during summer 2011.


Program Opportunity Fund

Staley School Ambassadors provide financial assistance through the Program Opportunity Fund to students who have expressed the desire to participate in one of the Staley School of Leadership Studies programs. This is an option for those students who may not have the necessary funds to participate in the program. 

To receive assistance from the Program Opportunity Fund please complete the application and contact Corbin Sedlacek at corbin5@ksu.edu. Applications can be submitted through email or applications can be dropped off in room 257 of the Leadership Studies Building.