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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Winter Breaks: 

Sunday January 6th - Friday January 11th, 2019

Site Leader and Participant Applications due September, 28, 2018 - APPLY HERE


Each break provides an opportunity for students to make progress in understanding the various aspects of specific social issues listed below. Teams will perform a variety of tasks throughout their trips. Service tasks may range from cleaning, building, and working directly with the clients.

Winter Break Site Locations: 

North High School, Denver, Colorado

What social issue will I engage with?  Students will be exploring socioeconomic impacts on the public education system in Denver and policies in place to provide community assistance.

What type of service will I be doing?  Students will engage with the students and administrators of North High School on their work towards college readiness.  Students will provide administrative assistance and engage with the community of students, educator, and administrators at North High School.


Hope Faith Ministries, Kansas City,  Missouri

What social issue will I engage with?  Students will be evaluating the root causes of homelessness and the various programs for relief in Kansas City, MO.

What type of service will I be doing?  Students will work alongside Hope Faith staff in various tasks ranging from serving meals to clients to organizing the thrift store.  Students will also volunteer at Harvesters to get a glimpse of programs providing relief for food insecurity in Kansas City.


Thrive Allen County, Iola, Kansas

What social issue will I engage with? Students will engage with challenges and approaches to promoting rural public health in Allen County, Kansas.

What type of service will I be doing?  Students join local community initiatives to beautify public spaces in rural communities of Allen County by painting murals, assisting with community clean up, repairing public park fixtures, and more.  Serving alongside community members and engaging in learning about rural development will help to rebuild “The Heart of Allen County.”



  • Site Leaders: Non-refundable $50 + $75 = $125

  • Participants: Non-Refundable $50 + $200 = $250

  • All Weekend Break Participants $10

What is included?

  • Transportation via enterprise rentals

  • All groceries/food

  • Housing