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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Staley School Service Teams

Alternative Breaks and International Service Teams are the two interdisciplinary programs that make up the Staley School Service Teams. These two service-learning programs mobilize teams of K-State students to serve in communities across the United States and around the world during their academic breaks.

Service Teams build their curriculum around the Service-Learning Model and challenge volunteers to prepare, act, reflect and evaluate their service experiences. This learning approach to service tests the vounteer mindset and allows students to expand both their community impact and personal growth throughout the experience.

Through Alternative Breaks, students have the opportunity to travel across the United States for up to one week during winter and spring breaks or for a weekend during various times of the year. Through International Service Teams, students travel to sites around the world for up to 10 weeks during the summer.


You can help support the Service Teams at the Staley School by donating through the Kansas State University Foundation. Visit our Foundation page today to learn more about how to support our programs.


Winter Break: Applications for Winter Alternative Breaks are due Monday, September 26th.

Spring Break: Applications for Spring Alternative Breaks are currently not being accepted.

Weekend Break: Applications for Weekend Alternative Breaks not currently being accepted.

Summer Break: Applications for International Service Teams are currently not being accepted.

Alternative Breaks:

Alternative Breaks is an opportunity for students to participate in a service experience during their winter, spring, or weekend breaks. Participants travel to communities around the country where they work with local residents to address a pressing social issue. Breaks are open to K-State graduate, undergraduate and international students. 

See active sites for more information about the Alternative Breaks portion of Service Teams at the Staley School.

International Teams:

International Teams is a service-learning program of interdisciplinary teams of Kansas State University students. Teams travel and live in communities around the world during the summer break. International Teams work with community partners to engage in local community work abroad. Previous projects have focused on health, education, environmental and sustainability concerns, and youth development.

See active sites or past sites for more information about the International portion of Service Teams at the Staley School.