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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Program Coordinators

Our student program coordinators are responsible for coordinating and leading each program offered at the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of the Leadership Studies. Applications are accepted at various times for each program. See Get Involved for more information.

Academic Mentor Student Program Coordinators

Victoria Andazola and Teagan Dahl 

For more information about Academic Mentors, visit their website.

Alternative Breaks Student Program Coordinators

Katie Buhler and Kate Schieferecke

 For more information about Alternative Breaks, visit their website.

International Teams Student Program Coordinators

Francisco Cardoza and Chelsea Turner 
 For more information about International Service Teams, visit their website

HandsOn Kansas State Student Program Coordinators

Stephen Kirkwood and Lindsey Hamner

To apply to be a HandsOn Kansas State Student Program Coordinator, click here!

For more information about HandsOn Kansas State, visit their website. 

Public Relations Coordinators

Riley Faulk, Anna Siggers, and Anna Spexarth 

To contact the PR Coordinators, email slsinfo@ksu.edu or to submit a PR request click here