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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Staley School Ambassador - Program Opportunity Fund



Staley School Ambassadors’ Program Opportunity Fund provides financial support for students to participate in the Staley School of Leadership Studies Programs.


In accordance with the value of Inclusion, we believe that financial status should not be a deterrence to civic and community engagement.


When the Staley School of Leadership Studies was a young program, the Staley School Ambassadors had to fundraise for their operational budget. Now, with the growth of our program, we are provided a yearly budget for our organizational expenses, which left behind the money we had previously raised. Rather than use these fundraising dollars to cover further Staley School Ambassador expenditures, we chose to put that money towards promoting the mission of the Staley School of Leadership Studies by supporting the programs and the students therein.


Program Opportunity Award Recipients are service-hearted individuals who are dedicated to personal, community, national and world change through participation in the Staley School of Leadership Studies Programs. They have expressed their desire to take part in one of the following programs:

* International Service Teams

* Alternative Breaks

* Weekend Breaks

* HandsOn Kansas State

* International Leadership Association-Case Competition Team

How you can help:

The Staley School Ambassadors are now accepting donations to the Program Opportunity Fund. We accept donations through our KSU Foundation account. It is under Ambassadors H30650.


Application is now available for potential recipients.