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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Spring Alternative Breaks

Building Your Capacity to Make Change

Spring Alternative Breaks immerse K-State students within a community to learn more about the pressing issues facing their citizens. Teams will perform a variety of tasks throughout their trips, ranging from cleaning, building, and working directly with community members. Following your service, you will reflect on the impact of your experience; drawing helpful insights for how you can exercise leadership on what matters most to you.


Applications are due Jan. 31, 2020, for site leaders and participants.

2020 Site Locations

North High School | Denver, Colorado (March 8-13)
Explore the socioeconomic impacts on the public education system in Denver. You will provide administrative assistance to faculty and staff at North High School and engage with students about college readiness. You will also serve with community organizations to understand resources available to communities facing poverty in Denver.

AIDS Services of Dallas | Dallas, Texas (March 8-13)
Gain knowledge about how nonprofit organizations work within healthcare systems to meet the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS.  You will provide administrative and physical support to the organization AIDS Services of Dallas and connect with members of the community they serve.

Garden City, Kansas (March 8-11)
Experience diverse rural systems through the lens of multiple cultures in Garden City, KS.  You will be exposed to the unique ways in which community and agricultural organizations impact our global food system and have the opportunity to explore how Mid-West communities practice inclusion.

Springfield, Missouri (March 11-15)
Learn about diverse programs designed to increase environmental sustainability in Springfield.  You will engage in service with a variety of organizations to gain a holistic understanding of how sustainability encompases elements of energy usage, food production, and conservation.

Cost and Scholarships

The participant fee covers transportation via enterprise rentals, a grocery/food stipend, and housing. 

Long Trips (approximately one week)

  • Site Leaders: $125 total ($50 non-refundable + $75)
  • Participants: $250 total ($50 non-refundable + $200)

Short Trips (four to five days)

  • Site Leaders: $100 total ($50 non-refundable + $50)
  • Participants: $200 total ($50 non-refundable + $150)

Full and partial need-based scholarships are available. Scholarship is included in the application.


Site Leaders

  • Apply online.
  • Attend three hours of site leader trainings and one hour of one on one preparation with your co-site leader prior to your Alternative Break experience.
  • Facilitate one pre-trip meeting with your Alternative Break Team. 
  • Work alongside staff to facilitate Active Citizen Summit activities with your team.
  • Guide your team through daily reflections during the break. ​
  • Provide logistical support for your team before and during break (transportation and purchasing).


  • Apply online.
  • Attend Active Citizen Summit, one team meeting prior to break, and Active Citizen Summit Part II and be an engaged participant during all interactions.

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