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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Staley School of Leadership Studies
Kansas State University
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Mentoring Program

WLFL Mentoring Program: The Wildcat Network

Looking for a professional leadership mentor? Apply to the Wildcats Leadership for Life (WLFL) mentoring program. WLFL is a group of alumni and friends who are committed to supporting the Staley School of Leadership Studies through engagement with students and faculty, building connections between alumni and friends, and creating opportunities for continued leadership development. They want to connect with you!

Apply now!

Applications for the 2014-2015 mentoring session are now available. Return a completed application to room 103 Leadership Studies Building or by emailing lkniffin@k-state.edu.

The first semester of the mentor program yielded great results for the WLFL mentoring program. Students described the most meaningful areas of the mentoring experience as 1) career preparation, 2) career and personal advice, and 3) connections and expanding professional network. In addition, mentors influenced student leadership development by reinforcing leadership concepts in the “real world,” challenging students to see development opportunities, and helping students connect current interaction to future leadership roles.

Purpose of the Program: To connect past and present leadership from Kansas State University to network and develop personally and professionally.  This program focuses on upper classman (juniors and seniors) who are closely preparing to enter the career world.

What does a mentor do?  Your mentor’s goal is to build a relationship centered on personal and professional investment and transformational growth.  Your mentor will focus on asking stimulating questions that prompt personal reflection and self-discovery.

Why have a mentor? K-State Leadership Studies students have indicated a desire for mentors to enhance their growth in these ways:

  • Professional development
  • Professional networking
  • How to be a leader after college
  • Things to consider when accepting a job
  • Work-life balance
  • How to stay connected to K-State

Your mentor connection: Most, if not all, mentoring relationships will be via “distance”, that is you may meet by:

  • Phone
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Google Hangout
  • Instant messenger, etc.

Time commitment: It’s up to you. It is recommended that you and your mentor connect on at least a monthly basis; however, the frequency, topics, and duration of the mentoring relationship will be decided upon by you and your mentor.

Being a mentor

Leadership Studies alumni and friends are encouraged to consider serving as a mentor through the Wildcats Leadership for Life mentoring program. To be considered as a mentor fill out the mentor application and submit to KStateWLFL@gmail.com