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The Certificate:


The Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University and Points of Light have partnered to offer students a 1 year, 12 credit hour undergraduate certificate in Community-Engaged Leadership. The program cultivates a model of leadership consistent with the principles of partnership, reciprocity, and mutual benefit. The certificate is available to anyone with a passion for creating positive community impact and is ideal for undergraduate students, those working with nonprofits, or national service members. All courses are delivered virtually, and community-based service is integrated throughout.

The work of the 2017 cohort is focused on education's role in strengthening democracy and developing engaged citizens. Although each participant will bring diverse interests and experiences, the theme will be an opportunity for each cohort member to evaluate, strategize, and make progress on the unique challenges of their communities by mobilizing the educational systems at work in each. So, for instance, while one student in the certificate program could be engaged in environmental issues and another in food justice, both will explore and implement innovative ideas within the context of education. By working within this common theme, students will contribute to the collective learning of the cohort while pursuing solutions to their unique challenges and focusing on their personal leadership development. Scholarships will be available through the generous support of the AT&T Foundation.

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Each course in this certificate program will be delivered using an interactive virtual and real-time learning platform. Service-learning teaching methods are intentionally integrated within each course. The academic components of the program are delivered by the Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University; Points of Light will leverage its national service and volunteer network to place students with community partners across the country. The community engagement component of this program places students and community members at the center of developing partnerships. This program will not only assess student-learning outcomes in relation to the purposes and process of democratic engagement, but will begin to develop assessment frameworks that measure community impact and community learning.

Detailed course descriptions. 

LEAD 510: Foundations of Community-Engaged Leadership 3 Credit Hours 
LEAD 520: Approaches to Community-Engaged Leadership3 Credit Hours 
LEAD 560: Experiences in Community-Engaged Leadership6 Credit Hours 
 12 Hours Total 

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