Michael C. Holen Leader-in-Residence Award

The Michael C. Holen Leader-in-Residence Award honors outstanding individuals who are exercising leadership in a range of organizational, professional and civic settings. Recipients come to campus to share experiences and engage in rich and challenging conversations with our students and the Kansas State University community. The award recipient exemplifies the Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies’ mission statement and the following tenets:

  • Service to the common good is the goal of leadership.
  • Leadership is a process and is not defined simply by position or authority.
  • Collaboration is the primary method of teaching and developing leadership.
  • Successful leaders are committed to and have the ability to engage in leadership with those of other backgrounds and cultures.

Originally named the “Lifetime Leadership Award,” the award was later dedicated in honor of College of Education Dean Emeritus, Michael C. Holen for his tremendous support of Leadership Studies and then paired with the Leader-in-Residence initiative, originally sponsored by the Stephens family, to both honor outstanding leadership and bring leaders to campus in service to our students' learning. Mary Lynn and Warren Staley were the inaugural Michael C. Holen Leader in Residence recipients.


Representing DECLIC, an organization of Ziguinchor, Senegal, West Africa: Haby Diallo, Salif Kanoute, Demba Kande, Jennifer Gbari, Francisca Napama and Adolphe Gomez.


The first class of leadership studies graduates: Maggie Barlow, Patrick Carney, Michael Hodgson, Justin Kastner, Piper Niemann, Aaron Otto, Aubrey Patterson, Casey Carlson, Molly Crowe, Renee Fisher, Jonathan Freeman, Kate Jiron, Lindsay Sutton Weir Larson, and Melinda McMillan-Miller.


Shante J. Moore
Silvia Diaz de Moore

2015 Kevin Lockett
2014 Mary Jo Myers
2013 Nebeeha Kazi Hutchins
2012 Paul Maina
2011 Mary Lynn and Warren Staley
2010 Tom Hawk
2009 Amy Button Renz
2008 Suzanne Mayo-Theus
2007 Atina Hanna
2006 Carol Gould
2005 Ruth Ann Wefald
2004 Grace Y. Hwang
2003 James R. Coffman
2002 Linda P. Thurston
2001 Deb Patterson
2000 Page and Nancy Twiss (Lifetime Leadership award)
1999 Buck O'Neil (Lifetime Leadership award)