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Staley School of Leadership Studies

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Celebrating People in Action


Outstanding Student Volunteer:

Katherine Colburn

Outstanding Student Organization:

Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leadership Scholars

Outstanding Community Group:

Manhattan Habitat for Humanity

Outstanding Service Champion:

Tom Anjard



Outstanding Student Volunteer:

Kaden Littrell

Outstanding Student Organization:

First Scholars Program

Outstanding Community Group:

Harvesters Community Food Network

Outstanding Youth Volunteer:

Alyssa Frey

Outstanding Service Champion:

Marianne Cullers



Outstanding Student Volunteer:

Lindsey Curtis

Outstanding Student Organization:

Alpha Phi Omega - Pi Chapter

Outstanding Community Group:

Hunger Partnership

Outstanding Youth Volunteer:

Amy Levin


Outstanding Student:Rebekah Carnes
Outstanding Student Organization:International Buddies
Outstanding Community Group:Youth Impacting Community 
Outstanding Youth Volunteer:Wesley Garibay


Outstanding Student:Taylor McLemore
Outstanding Student Organization:Students for Environmental Action
Outstanding Community Group:Pilot Club of Manhattan 
Outstanding Youth Volunteer:Thomas Anneberg


Outstanding Student:Bobby Gomez
Outstanding Student Organization:Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity
Outstanding Faculty Member:Jacque Gibbons 
Outstanding Staff MemberMonica Strathman


Outstanding Student:Matt Combes
Outstanding Student Organization:Beta Sigma Chi Christian Sorority
Outstanding Faculty Member:David Griffin 
Outstanding Staff MemberChandra Ruthstrom


Outstanding Student:Alexandria Serra
Outstanding Student Organization:Associated General Contractors K-State Chapter
Outstanding Faculty Member:Greg Stephens 
Outstanding Staff MemberTonya Wessel


Outstanding Student:Andrea Pardo
Outstanding Student Organization:KSU Creative Arts Therapy Students
Outstanding Faculty Member:Michaeline Chance-Reay
Outstanding Staff MemberSun C. Johnson


Outstanding Student:Christopher Renner 
Outstanding Student Organization:Freedom by Design AIAS
Outstanding Faculty Member:Sally Bailey
Outstanding Staff MemberSue Maes