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Lafene Health Center

Morrison Family Center for Student Well-Being

Peer Education

WellCAT Ambassadors
WellCAT Ambassadors is a departmental student organization under the leadership of Lafene Health Center. WellCAT Ambassadors promote the mission of Lafene Health Center and serve as role models to encourage fellow K-State students to make well-informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.

Thrive Navigators
Thrive Navigators is a departmental student organization under the leadership of Lafene Health Center and Counseling Services. Members are passionate about students' emotional well-being and mental health. 

Courses for Credit

EDCEP 103: Healthful and Safe College Life
Healthful and Safe College Life course addresses pertinent health topics that impact college students and gives them the knowledge to make informed decisions when faced with difficult situations. The course is completed entirely online through Kansas State University. Upon completion, the student will earn 3 undergraduate credit hours which can be applied to the K-State 8 requirements. 

Health Promotion Services, Resources, & Events

21st Birthday Project
By email invitation only. The 21st Birthday Project at Lafene Health Center aims to reduce harmful drinking patterns surrounding K-State students’ 21st birthday celebrations. 

Adulting 101
Adulting 101 is a series of interactive workshops designed to teach K-State students basic life skills that are not offered in the academic classroom.

The Bandana Project
The Bandana Project is a nationwide awareness campaign to destigmatize the discussion around mental health. Learn more and request training here.

Bulletin Board in a Bag
We know you spend a great amount of time preparing your bulletin boards for your communities. We hope we have made it easier for you by providing a wide variety of bulletin board resources and posters you can print for your hall. Wish we had a topic not currently available? Let us know; we are always looking for additional ideas.

Cats Connect
Cats Connect is brought to you by ProjectConnect™ and is an evidence-based, peer-facilitated program that helps students meet and get to know other students outside their social group, and build stronger community on campus. 

Project Waypoint
Project Waypoint is a 90-minute in-person workshop to help faculty/staff learn how to recognize and respond to signs of distress in their students. For inquiries, e-mail Chris Bowman (cbowman@ksu.edu).

Thrive@K-State Podcast
Thrive@Kansas State University is a podcast for students, faculty/staff, and anyone else who wants to advance their overall well-being. This podcast will define well-being, talk about mental health and discuss available resources with leaders in our community. Listen on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple). 

WellCAT Coach
WellCAT Coach is a one-on-one peer well-being education program at Lafene Health Center. Coaches are K-State students, WellCAT Ambassadors, and Certified Peer Educators trained on health and social issues pertinent to the college-aged population.

Wildcat Reset
This series called Wildcat Reset is being introduced by the Morrison Family Center for Student Well-being to help faculty introduce micro-strategies to students that can help reset their minds and advance their well-being.

Campus and Community Partnerships

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