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KSU Robotics Design Team
129 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

The KSU Robotics Team

The KSU Robotics Team started with the creation of the ASABE Robotics Competition in 2006 and with the first competition held in 2007 at Minneapolis, Minnesota. The competition has travelled with the ASABE's Annual International Meeting during the summer. The competition has thus been held at Minneapolis, Minnesota; Providence, Rhode Island; Reno, Nevada; Louisville, Kentucky; Dallas, Texas, and will be held at Kansas City, Missouri in 2013. For a complete listing of past competitions, please click here.

Our team has a history, even a philosophy, of winning. A favorite quote of Dr. Naiqian Zhang, the team's advisor, is "we go to win, we don't go to compete." Fittingly, the KSU Robotics Team has won the competition every year thus far. The team's success is a result of the dedication the member's have given to the design, testing, and building of robots. The pressure to remain the champions is renewed each year with a new task assigned by the Robotics Challenge Committee.

The KSU Robotics Team is open to individuals of any major. The team works with modeling, programming, aesthetic design, reporting, fundraising, and presenting. Also, students are encouraged to get involved through class projects.