Kansas State University vs. Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kansas State: 94
Nebraska: 0

Played in Licoln, Nebraska at Vine Street Fields on April 9, 2011
Hot and breezy conditions

K-State finished an undefeated league season for the second year in a row with a dominant performance over a Nebraska team that had some talented players. K-State scored early and often, leading 33 - 0 less than 20 minutes in, and 56-0 at halftime. They dominated in the scrum, retaining all of their own possession except for a penalty on a prop for failure to bind, and stole many of the Nebraska set pieces. The lineouts were solid as well, but the hallmark of this game was retaining possession and defense. K-State's forwards were quick to support the ball carrier in the tackle, while Nebraska's were not. This led to lots of opportunities for the K-State backline, while nearly every time the Nebraska backs carried the ball it was turned over at the ruck. Nebraska was only able to retain possession on short crashes off the base of the ruck, but even then, the K-State defense did not allow them to gain any ground. When it was all said and done, 10 different K-State players scored 15 tries, including zulu tries for flanker Taran Carl and wing Luke Hilterman-Haider. For the third game in a row K-State scored over 60, and held their opponent to 0.

Once again, the KSUFR club/b-side won handily.


Flyhalf Joe D'Agostino: 1 try, 8/15 conversions, 1 penalty, 24 pts
Number 8 Tyler Hodges: 3 tries
Inside Center Hugo Baxter: 2 tries
Outside Center Brett Frawley: 2 tries
Wing Kenny Scott: 2 tries
Hooker Dan Knapp: 1 try
Flanker Evan Talbott: 1 try
Fullback Mick Conroy: 1 try
Flanker Taran Carl: 1 try
Wing Luke Hilterman-Haider: 1 try
Starting XV:
1. Garrett Williams
2. Dan Knapp (c)
3. Faddy Khamis
4. Clay Reinecke
5. Quentin Hoover
6. Taran Carl
7. Evan Talbott
8. Tyler Hodges
9. Bunny Gregory
10. Joe D'Agostino
11. Mike Polzin
12. Hugo Baxter
13. Brett Frawley
14. Kenny Scott
15. Mick Conroy

16. John Knutsen (#9 @ 40)
17. Ryan Jordan(#4 @ 65)
18. Michael Chen (#11 @ 40)
19. Luke Hilterman-Haider (#14 @ 55)
20. Mike Peterson (#7 @ 65)

Clubside Travelers:
Allan Arnold
Jayson Weir
Chris Stafford