Kansas State / Fort Riley vs. University of Missouri

Missouri: 26

Played at Northeast Community Park, Manhattan, KS on April 16, 2011 at 1:30 PM

The KSUFR team faced a tough Mizzou squad on a beautiful day at Northeast Community Park in Manhattan. The game was moved from Memorial Stadium due to the club soccer team's tournament, but the field was in good shape, and a solid crowd came out to watch the game. In the beginning it looked as if it would be another easy run for the KSUFR team, with inside center Chris Stafford scoring after many good passes on the opening kickoff. Flyhalf Joe D'Agostino had his only missed conversion, hitting the post with his attempt. Outside center Jayson Weir scored the next try soon after and KSUFR had an early 12-0 lead. After quite a bit of back and forth play, D'Agostino made a breakaway, and broke the Mizzou fullback's ankles with a step to score the third try of the match, and give the team a 19-0 lead. Mizzou wasn't going to give up without a fight, and after an errant pass on the ensuing kickoff led to a turnover deep in KSUFR territory, one of the hard-running Mizzou forwards scored the first try of the match for MU. KSUFR would score one more time on a good backline move culminating in a pass from wing Mike Polzin to fullback Kenny Scott. The conversion gave KSUFR a 26-7 halftime lead. Early in the second half, silly penalties and costly turnovers, led to 2 tries for Mizzou in the first 15 minutes. With the score at 26-19, it was all of a sudden the first close game in a long time for the KSUFR side. The team responded nicely though, scoring the next three tries of the match. The first was on a long break by Scott, the second was after a good lineout play led to a break by No. 8 Tyler Hodges who offloaded to D'Agostino near the try line, and the third was scored by Hodges picking up from the back of a scrum. Mizzou scored one more try to make the final score 47-26. Some highlights for KSUFR were good scrummaging, and, at times, fluid passing. Negatives included some poor tackling after a few weeks where KSUFR controlled possesion for 75-80% of the games, and numerous penalties at the ruck.

Flyhalf Joe D'Agostino: 2 tries 6/7 conversions
Fullback Kenny Scott: 2 tries
Number 8 Tyler Hodges: 1 try
Inside Center Chris Stafford: 1 try
Outside Center Jayson Weir: 1 try

Starting XV:
1. Garrett Williams
2. Dan Knapp (c)
3. Faddy Khamis
4. Clay Reinecke
5. Quentin Hoover
6. Evan Talbott
7. Jake Dull
8. Tyler Hodges
9. John Knutsen
10. Joe D'Agostino
11. Luke Haider
12. Chris Stafford
13. Jayson Weir
14. Mike Polzin
15. Kenny Scott


16. Mike Peterson (#6 @ 70)
17. Taylor Shulse (#1 @ 60)
18. Taran Carl (#2 @ 75)
19. Ryan Jordan (#4 @ 65)
20. Jeff Henley (#5 @ 75)
21. Michael Chen (injured)