KSUFR @ Wichita


Played on April 24, 2010 at Harrison Park in Wichita



Score: 40-29 Wichita

Summary:KSUFR played against Wichita RFC in Wichita and lost 40-29. KSUFR trailed 19-12 at halftime, with first half tries scored by Kenny Scott and Jason Weir. Dan Knapp hit one conversion in the first half. In the second half, Wichita opened up a bigger lead before KSUFR pulled within 4 with ten minutes to go. Wichita scored another converted try to win 40-29. In the second half, John Knutsen, Dan Knapp, and Joe D'Agostino scored tries. D'Agostino hit one conversion.


1. F. Khamis
2. D. Knapp (c)
3. Q. Hoover
4. E. Looft
5. M. Bertrand
6. T. Knapp
7. P. Billingsley
8. E. Talbott
9. T. Gratton
10. J. Knutsen
11. H. Sloan
12. C. Stafford
13. J. Weir
14. K. Scott
15. Jar. Dull (Waters @ 40, D'Agostino @ 55)

16. S. Waters (Dull @40)
17. J. D'Agostino (Waters @55)