K-State vs. Oklahoma State


Played on March 6, 2010 at Kansas State University

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Score: 33-0 K-State

Summary: K-State dominated our first collegiate game of the spring semester.  In a game punctuated by tough defense, the Kansas State forwards shut down Oklahoma State's main attack off the base of the ruck with numerous punishing tackles.  When OSU tried getting the ball wide to its backs, they didn't have any better luck.  It was an all-around dominating defense by KSU.  Kenny Scott got KSU on the board in the first half with a breakaway try down the left side of the field.  Joe D'Agostino converted the centered conversion to give K-State a 7-0 lead.  Before halftime, D'Agostino hit 2 penalty goals to make the halftime score 13-0.  In the second half KSU was able to open it up even more.  Faddy Khamis took the ball from the base of a ruck and was able to power in from a couple meters out and touch down for KSU's second try.  John Knutsen was able to scoop up an errant OSU pass and make a break.  He was caught by the fullback, but was able to offload in the tackle, and one more pass put Khamis in for his second try of the match.  D'Agostino's conversion went off the post, but he was soon able to convert another penalty to make the score 28-0.  Later, Kenny Scott was able to score once again on the left wing for the fourth try of the game to make the final score 33-0 and secure a bonus point for KSU.

1. Q. Hoover
2. D. Knapp (c)
3. F. Khamis
4. L. Hirschler
5. M. Bertrand
6. E. Talbott
7. P. Billingsley
8. T. Hodges
9. Jar. Dull
10. J. Knutsen
11. B. Fearing
12. C. Stafford
13. Jak. Dull
14. K. Scott
15. J. D'Agostino

16. R. Schmidt (Talbott @ 60)
17. P. Staats (Khamis @70)
18. T. Knapp (Stafford @ 70
19. M. Chen (Jak. Dull @ 65)
20. S. Waters (Fearing @ 70)
21. J. Hensleigh
22. J. Pfenninger (sick)