Played on April 10, 2010 at Westwick Rugby Complex -- Lawrence, KS



Kathy Disney, mother of 2 ex-KSUFR players, took a ton of great pictures from the game, here are the links to her website:

Album 1 | Album 2

Score: 25 - 24 KU

Summary:KSU had a poor game against KU. The game was very sloppy due to wind, and lack of an official referee and a KU alum attempting to fill in. KSU trailed at halftime 10-7, after giving up 2 tries, and scoring on a Kenny Scott try and John Knutsen conversion. In the second half, KU scored the first three tries. Two of these tries came on intercepted passes. Down 25-7 with about 20 minutes left, KSU woke up and started to comeback. Parker Staats scored a try that was converted by Knutsen with 15 minutes left. A few minutes later, KSU countered a deep kick and got the ball in the hands of 5 different players, finishing with a try by Tyler Hodges near the center. Dan Knapp missed the conversion, and KSU trailed by a score of 25-19. KSU kept the pressure on, and scored again at the end of the half with Scott's second try. Knutsen had a tough conversion attempt from the side into a stiff wind. If it had gone through, it would have won the game, but the kick was pushed to the left. KU charged well over the allowed two players on the conversion attempt, but the referee ignored it and KU won 25-24. KU chose flanker Evan Talbott as the man-of-the-match.

1. F. Khamis
2. D. Knapp (c)
3. J. Pfenninger
4. P. Staats
5. Q. Hoover (#1 @40)
6. E. Talbott
7. P. Billingsley
8. T. Hodges
9. Jar. Dull (#11 @20, #15 @40, #9 @50)
10. J. Knutsen
11. B. Fearing
12. C. Stafford
13. Jak. Dull
14. K. Scott
15. H. Sloan (#11 @40, #15 @50)

16. R. Schmidt (Billingsley @60)
17. V. Nkumba (Blea @65)
18. S. Waters
19. L. Skiver (Khamis @40; played #5)
20. De. Blea (Gratton @50; played #11)
21. J. Hensleigh
22. E. Looft
23. T. Gratton (Fearing @20; played #9)
24. L. Swanepoel
25. T. Pfenninger