Played on February 27, 2010 at Kansas State University



Score: 14 - 5 KCRFC

Summary: In the opening game of the season, KSUFR faced a tough men's club in Kansas City RFC. KSUFR battled opening game jitters and gave up an early try on an errant pass that was scooped up and run in by City. Their kicker made the conversion for an early 7-0 lead. Shortly after, KSUFR wing Brett Fearing made a good play, fielding a kick under pressure and offloading to a teammate. One more pass and Joe D'Agostino was in for an easy try. D'Agostino missed the conversion and KSUFR trailed 7-5. Later in the half, City was able to score another try off of good ball control and hard running. They converted once again and KCRFC led 14-5 about 20 minutes into the game. The score remained that way for the rest of the game, with numerous defensive stands in their own territory by KSUFR in the second half. KSUFR played an entirely collegiate side for this game in preparation for the league matches against Oklahoma State and Oklahoma State in the coming weekend.

KSUFR Lineup:

  1. F. Khamis
  2. D. Knapp (c)
  3. J. Pfenninger
  4. C. Reinecke
  5. M. Bertrand
  6. P. Billingsley
  7. E. Talbott
  8. T. Hodges
  9. Jar. Dull
  10. J. Knutsen
  11. M. Chen
  12. C. Stafford
  13. Jak. Dull
  14. B. Fearing
  15. J. D'Agostino


  1. L. Hirshler
  2. L. Swanepoel
  3. P. Staats
  4. D. Maurer
  5. J. Kosechequetah
  6. S. Waters
  7. T. Knapp