Creighton U. @ KSUFR


Played on April 17, 2010 at Kansas State University



Score: 51 - 7 KSUFR

Summary:In the final home game of the season, DII side Creighton University came to Manhattan for a match. KSUFR played well and won easily, scoring 9 tries in a 51-7 rout. Tries were scored by many different players. Kenny Scott and Victor Nkumba had two apiece, while Jesse Dull, Hale Sloan, Evan Talbott, and Dan Knapp each had one. Sezon Waters scored his zulu try as well. Everyone in uniform got a chance to play, and everyone played well. Jordan Pfenninger played well in what was probably his final appearance for KSUFR. The senior prop has been a starter for almost all of his four years since joining the team as a freshman, and has turned into one of the most dominant props in the division. He is the only player who will be graduating and not returning for the fall season. Thanks to Joe D'Agostino for doing a good job while filling in as referee.

Full game film, highlights and interviews are at the bottom of the page, thanks to Michael Chen for filming


1. F. Khamis
2. D. Knapp (c)
3. J. Pfenninger
4. P. Staats
5. E. Looft
6. E. Talbott
7. R. Schmidt
8. V. Nkumba
9. T. Gratton
10. J. Knutsen
11. H. Sloan (#15 @60)
12. Je. Dull
13. Jak. Dull
14. K. Scott
15. Jar. Dull (#9 @60)

16. Q. Hoover (Khamis @40)
17. M. Bertrand (Staats @40)
18. S. Waters (Scott @50)
19. T. Pfenninger (Talbott @60)
20. J. Hensleigh (Looft @40)
21. T. Knapp (Schmidt @40)
22. M. Baker (Gratton @60, played #11)

Game Film Part 1

Game Film Part 2

Game Film Part 3

Game Film Part 4

Game Highlights:

Post Game Interviews: