K-State vs. #20 Colorado State


Played on March 20, 2010 at Kansas State University


Score: 55-3 Colorado State

Summary: K-State hosted Colorado State for the second straight semester, this time with a spot in the Western Championships at stake. The game was delayed 3 hours so that 3 inches of snow and ice could be cleared from the field. The CSU team turned out to be far stronger than the K-State side on this day, dominating the scrum and creating overloads off of rucks. CSU scored the first try, which was quickly answered by a penalty goal by Joe D'Agostino. From the 7-3 start it went downhill and CSU ran in 3 more tries in the first half and 5 in the second. This concludes the 2009-2010 collegiate season for K-State, finshing with a 4-1-1 record, and a division championship.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with snow removal so that we could play. Hale Sloan, Tim Brown, Tim Kluempers, Michael Hodges, Danny Blea and others spent a lot of time and effort making the field playable.

1. F. Khamis
2. T. Knapp
3. J. Pfenninger
4. Q. Hoover
5. M. Bertrand
6. E. Talbott
7. P. Billingsley
8. L. Hirshler
9. Jar. Dull
10. J. D'Agostino (c)
11. M. Chen
12. C. Stafford
13. T. Hodges
14. K. Scott
15. Jak. Dull

16. J. Hensleigh
17. P. Staats (Hoover @ 8)
18. S. Waters
19. D. Knapp (injured)