Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

Kansas State: 58
Oklahoma State: 29

Played at Memorial Stadium at 6:30 PM on October 30, 2010

RugbyMag Article

Oklahoma State came out strong, scoring in the first minute when K-State had a pass intercepted after a few sloppy exchanges from the opening kick.  That was the only time K-State would trail, however, coming back quickly with 2 tries before Oklahoma State scored again to tie the game at 12.  Flyhalf Joe D'Agostino slotted a penalty and K-State scored twice more before the half, while allowing one more score by OSU and the game went to halftime with a score of 27-17.  K-State scored quickly when prop Faddy Khamis stole the ball after Oklahoma State received the kickoff to start the half.  K-State never looked back, scoring four more tries and ramping up the defensive effort.  The game ended with a score of 58-29.

K-State did a good job of using the entire field to get players the ball in space for the entire game.  The forwards did a good job of securing the ball at rucks, and held the upper hand in the set-pieces all night.  D'Agostino wreaked havoc with his kicks, both pinning OSU deep in their territory and chipping forward for the backs to run on to. Rookie wing Mike Polzin scored 3 tries and the wings combined scored 5, in large part due to some of the K-State forwards helping to create overloads in the back line.  K-State played with a pace and intensity that seemed to tire the Oklahoma State side as the game went on.  The b-side also won, scoring 3 tries to OSU's 2 in a shortened game.  All in all, it was a good effort, and it puts K-State at the top of the division at the conclusion of the fall half of the collegiate season.

Wing Mike Polzin: 3 tries
Hooker Dan Knapp: 2 tries
Wing Michael Chen: 1 try
Wing Brett Fearing: 1 try
Fullback Kenny Scott: 1 try
Flyhalf Joe D'Agostino: 1 try, 5/9 conversions, 1/1 penalties

Starting XV:
1. Quentin Hoover
2. Dan Knapp (c)
3. Faddy Khamis
4. Clay Reinecke
5. Parker Staats (moved to #1 @ 72)
6. Adam Clement (moved to #5 @ 74)
7. Evan Talbott
8. Tyler Hodges
9. John Knutsen
10. Joe D'Agostino
11. Michael Chen
12. Chris Stafford
13. Jake Dull
14. Cool Mike Polzin
15. Kenny Scott

16. Taran Carl (#6 @ 72)
17. Brett Fearing (#11 @ 37)
18. Eric Looft (#4 @ 74)
19. Ryan Jordan
20. Garrett Williams
21. Wyatt Iams
22. Braden Damman
23. Rhys Davies