Kansas State vs. Colorado State

Kansas State 20

Colorado State 29

Saturday October 2, 2010

Fort Collins, CO

K-State traveled to Fort Collins for the weekend, and took on Collegiate Premier League member Colorado State for the third time in three semesters. Colorado State came out very strong early on with the wind at their back. K-State was penalized repeatedly for offside and other infractions at the breakdowns. Colorado State struck within 3 minutes with the first try, and 22 minutes into the game, K-State trailed 29-0. KSU did not give up, and responded with tougher defense and good attack for the rest of the half. Kenny Scott was able to score on a chip and chase with 8 minutes left in the first half. Joe D'Agostino was perfect kicking on the day, and it started with this conversion from the sideline. K-State trailed at the end of the first half 29-7. KSU came out strong again in the second half. Jake Dull, starting at his 3rd position of the season: No. 8, scored on a quick pick from the base of a ruck. D'Agostino hit the conversion again and K-State was now behind 29-14. KSU continued to play great defense the rest of the game, and D'Agostino slotted two penalty goals, including one from 45 meters out to bring the score to 29-20. KSU threatened multiple times in the last 15 minutes but couldn't break through to score again. It was a great show of resiliency after the initial adversity by a K-State side featuring many players playing out of position, and others with little A-side experience. Three KSUFR alums from Colorado came out for the game, and two of them helped out and played with the team. Also, thanks to CSU for letting us borrow a couple of their freshman to add some depth to our side for the day.

  1. Parker Staats
  2. Tommy Knapp
  3. Faddy Khamis
  4. Mike Dellere
  5. Eric Looft
  6. Taran Carl
  7. Adam Clement
  8. Jake Dull
  9. Dan Knapp
  10. Joe D'Agostino
  11. Esteban (CSU)
  12. Michael Chen (Played #11 @ 40)
  13. Chris Stafford
  14. Cool Mike Polzin
  15. Kenny Scott
  16. Reserves:

  17. Wyatt Iams
  18. Rhys Davies
  19. Matt Truta (4 @ 65)
  20. Sam (CSU) (12 @ 40)