KSUFR vs. KSUFR Alumni


Played on September 4, 2010 at Kansas State University


Score: 19 - 19 tie

Summary: As always, alumni weekend was a fantastic time for everyone involved, and once again it was a very competitive game. In the two official periods the alumni managed to tie the game at the end of regulation as the current team was repeatedly penalized by volunteer referee/alumnus Conner Smith, extending the game until Steve Jackman was able to score a try near the posts. The conversion was made to tie the game at 19. Tries were scored by Joe D'Agostino, Kenny Scott, and Tyler Hodges for the current side, and by Pete Winklebauer, Michael Skahan and Steve Jackman for the Alumni. In the extra periods everyone got to play and many new players got their first rugby experience against a crafty group of veterans. Highlights in the second half were Tommy Knapp's try, Michael Chen's long try, and rookie wing Michael scoring off of the opening kickoff of the third period. A great time was had by all at the banquet after the game, followed by Auntie Mae's, and Texas Star brunch on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and special thanks to Sharon and Danny Blea for organizing the weekend. Without them, KSUFR Rugby would not be anywhere near where it is today.


Alumni: Pete Winklebauer

Current: Michael Chen