KSU vs. Wichita


Played on November 7, 2009 at Kansas State University



Score: 38-12 Wichita

Summary: With seven of our starting players visiting Dallas for the All-Star game, the match provided some valuable experience for some of the newer KSUFR players. Wichita brought an experienced side that played well and ultimately won the game, but K-State put up a good fight to the very end of the game. In the first half, Wichita dominated the field, earning all but one of their tries. Midway through the half, KSUFR answered back with a try of their own, scored by Faddy Khamis, and followed it with a conversion by Ireland. In the second half, things tightened up, and each team scored just one try each. For K-State, Chris Stafford made the score. By the end of the game, despite some solid effort, KSUFR trailed, 12 to 38. Following the Wichita game, there was a quick matchup of KSUFR against Topeka, with Wichita filling in at positions on both sides.

KSUFR Lineup:

  1. P. Bussen
  2. H. Falk
  3. F. Khamis
  4. B. Gloe (P. Staats @ 50)
  5. L. Skiver
  6. A. Clement
  7. P. Staats
  8. L. Hirschler
  9. T. Gratton
  10. C. Frigon
  11. Ireland
  12. C. Stafford
  13. E. Looft
  14. D. Brogan
  15. M. Chen


  1. J. Hensleigh