KSUFR vs. University of Nebraska


Played on October 10, 2009 at Lincoln, NE



Score: 19-19 Tie

Summary: This match was played in Nebraska with temperatures in the low 30s and snow and ice on the field. The first half was slow with lots of ball handling errors on both sides due in large part to the weather. KSU struggled and was trailing 5-0 at the half. At the beginning of the second half, KSU was threatening off of a good, deep kickoff by Joe D'Agostino and good defense forcing a turnover. With a backline attack on inside of Nebraska's 22, KSU lost the ball in a tackle and Nebraska took it the distance for a try under the posts. The conversion was made and Nebraska had a 12-0 lead. The game stayed at 12 - 0 until almost the midway point of the second half. Dan Knapp found a gap on a crash ball and took it 20 meters for KSU's first try. D'Agostino nailed the conversion, and KSU was back in striking distance. A few minutes later, KSU was again threatening when Tyler Hodges found a gap outside of a ruck and took a crash ball for a try to tie the game. D'Agostino hit the conversion and K-State had a 14-12 lead. Following a well placed kick, and good pressure by the KSU backline, Jordan Casey scored on the wing for a 19-12 lead. The conversion attempt hit the far post and bounced out, so KSU was up by 7 with 13 minutes to go. After defending inside of their 22 for nearly 10 minutes, KSU conceded an unfortunate penalty and Nebraska took the quick tap for a try under the posts. With two minutes to play, KSU was able to put some pressure on Nebraska, and had a chance at a penalty goal from the left side of the field as time ran out. The kick had the distance, but sailed wide and the game ended in a tie. KSU's league record is now 1-0-1, and their overall record is 3-1-1.

KSUFR Lineup:

  1. J. Pfenninger
  2. D. Knapp
  3. F. Khamis
  4. L. Hirschler
  5. B. Gloe
  6. H. Falk
  7. P. Billingsley
  8. T. Hodges
  9. Jar. Dull
  10. J. D’Agostino
  11. M. Chen
  12. T. Knapp
  13. C. Corwin
  14. J. Casey
  15. K. Scott


  1. P. Staats
  2. D. Brogan
  3. E. Looft