KSU vs. University of Kansas


Played on September 19, 2009 at Kansas State University



Score: 50-0 K-State

Summary: During this college-side game against KU, K-State was able to earn a solid victory over KU. Unfortunately, KU was only able to field 13 players, making it an easy win for KSU. During the first half, Joe D'Agostino earned the first points for K-State by earning three with a place-kick. The first try was scored by Chris Stafford, followed by another by Joe D'Agostino, who also earned two more points with a conversion. Tyler Hodges earned a try midway through the second half, with another conversion by D'Agostino. At this point, a KU player was injured, and they were forced to play with only 12 players for the remainder of the game. To finish out the half, K-State earned one more try, scored by Jake Dull, and a converson by D'Agostino, making it 29-0. During the first minutes of the second half, KU pulled it together and was able hold KSU momentarily, but K-State eventually gained control when Kenny Scott earned the first try of the half, followed by a conversion by D'Agostino. Joe D'Agostion also earned the next try for K-State, followed by a conversion by Dan Knapp. Toward the end of the game, K-State earned a final try, scored by Jared Dull, and one last conversion by D'Agostino. The final score was 50 to 0, K-State.


K-State Lineup:

  1. I. Kraushaar
  2. D. Knapp
  3. J. Pfenninger
  4. L. Hirschler
  5. B. Gloe
  6. E. Talbott
  7. Jak. Dull
  8. T. Hodges
  9. Jar. Dull
  10. J. Knutsen
  11. C. Corwin
  12. C. Stafford
  13. J. Casey
  14. K. Scott
  15. J. D’Agostino


  1. E. Looft
  2. P. Billingsley
  3. H. Falk
  4. J. Hensleigh
  5. D. Brogan