KSU vs. Colorado State University


Played on September 20, 2009 at Kansas State University



Score: 36-20 CSU

Summary: K-State struggled during this Sunday game against a ranked CSU. During the first half K-State remained scoreless in spite of some close drives, while CSU racked up 15 points with a place-kick, two tries, and one conversion. This paced continued at the beginning of the second half, as CSU scored another try. K-State was finally able to pull it together when Joe D'Agostion earned a two tries back-to-back, followed by one conversion. CSU answered back with another try and conversion, but K-State kept fighting with a place-kick by D'Agostino, followed by a try by Brett Fearing. CSU was able to hold on to their lead, however, scoring the final try and earning another conversion. By the end of the game, CSU lead 36 to 20.


K-State Lineup:

  1. I. Kraushaar
  2. D. Knapp
  3. J. Pfenninger
  4. L. Hirschler
  5. B. Gloe
  6. H. Faulk
  7. Jak. Dull
  8. T. Hodges
  9. Jar. Dull
  10. J. Knutsen
  11. C. Corwin
  12. C. Stafford
  13. B. Fearing
  14. K. Scott
  15. J. D’Agostino


  1. F. Khamis
  2. P. Bussen