KSUFR vs. Central Missouri


Played on Octobor 3, 2009 at Warrensburg, MO



Score: 20-17 KSUFR

Summary: K-State was able to hold on to a victory during this interesting game played on Saturday afternoon. To maximize the opportunities for playing time, three 30-minute periods were played. The first period was relatively slow, with a place-kick by Joe D'Agostino for K-State, followed by a place kick by CMU. In the second period, things picked up a little, as Tyler Hodges scored a try for K-State, followed by a another try scored by Michael Chen. CMU followed up with a try of their own, as well as the conversion afterward. During the third period things slowed down again, with only one try for K-State, scored by Kenny Scott, which was followed by a conversion by Joe D'Agostino. CMU answered back with another try and conversion, making the final score 20-17, K-State.


K-State Lineup:

  1. P. Bussen (F. Khamis @ 70)
  2. D. Knapp
  3. J. Pfenninger
  4. L. Hirschler
  5. B. Gloe (P. Staats @ 70)
  6. P. Billingsley
  7. Jak. Dull
  8. T. Hodges
  9. T. Gratton
  10. J. D'Agostino
  11. M. Chen (D. Brogan @ 70)
  12. T. Knapp
  13. C. Corwin
  14. K. Scott
  15. Jar. Dull


  1. D. Brogan
  2. F. Khamis
  3. P. Staats
  4. J. Hensleigh