KSUFR at the Big 12 Tournament


Played on October 24, 2009 at Norman, OK



Overall: 1 win and 2 losses

Summary: This tournament provided some valuable experience for the KSUFR rugby club. A total of 6 teams from the Big 12 participated, including Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, and ourselves. Playing three 50-minute games in a round-robin style tournament, KSUFR was able to beat Texas A&M, but unfortunately fell to both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Overall, KSUFR played well in spite of several injuries, making it a successful weekend.

Game 1 - Oklahoma State: Unfortunately, KSUFR had a rough start to their tournament appearance, with a slow start in the first half of the game. While KSUFR remained scoreless, Oklahoma State racked up 3 tries with all three conversions, making it 0-21 at the end of the first half. KSUFR pulled together in the second half, keeping Oklahoma State scoreless. KSU's first score came with a try by Joe D'Agostino, making it 5-21. Soon Kenny Scott managed to set one down, and Joe D'Agostino was able to follow up with the coversion, making it 12-21.

Game 2 - Texas A&M: The KSUFR began playing better during this match, keeping Texas A&M scoreless throughout the entire game. In the first half, Kenny Scott scored one try for KSUFR. During the second half, both Jared Dull and Jesse Dull were each able to earn a try. At the end of the game, KSUFR led 15-0

Game 3 - Oklahoma: Once again, KSUFR had a slow start in the first half of this game. While KSUFR remained scoreless in the first half, Oklahoma earned several tries. In the second half KSUFR was able earn a few points when Chris Stafford scored. Soon after, Dan Brogan was also able to earn a try. Unfortunately, Oklahoma held on to their lead, and KSUFR lost their final matchup of the day, 10-24.