KSUFR vs. Benedictine


Played on September 12, 2009 at Kansas State University



Score: 57-3 KSUFR

Summary: The KSUFR Rugby club was able win this Sunday afternoon game, earning a solid victory over the Benedictine Black Monks. K-State scored early in the game when John Knutsen intercepted a pass and ran it in for a try. Joe D'Agostino followed through with a conversion, and soon after earned three more points with a kick-for-points, making it 10-0. Things slowed down for awhile until Luke Hirschler scored a try off of a break-away run by Dan Knapp. Joe D'Agostino was again able to complete the conversion. KSUFR followed through with another try by Charlie Corwin. Benedictine answered back when they kicked-for-points, making the score 22-3, which held until the end of the first half. While things got somewhat sloppy in the second half, K-State was able to maintain their lead. Kenny Scott earned the first try of half, followed by two back-to-back tries by Tyler Hodges. Joe D'Agostino earned another kick-for-points, as well as four conversions during the second half. John Knutsen also earned a try in the second half, as well as Luke Hirschler. By the end of the game, KSUFR led 57-3. The teams also played a b-side period so everyone could get some playing time and KSUFR won this extra period handily as well.

KSUFR Lineup:

  1. I. Kraushaar (P. Bussen @ 40)
  2. D. Knapp
  3. J. Pfenninger (F. Khamis @ 70)
  4. L. Hirschler
  5. B. Gloe (A. Alesana @ 60)
  6. H. Falk (P. Staats @ 70)
  7. Jak. Dull (L. Skiver @ 70)
  8. T. Hodges
  9. T. Gratton
  10. J. Knutsen
  11. J. Casey (M. Chen @ 40)
  12. C. Stafford
  13. C. Corwin (V. Wanjala @60)
  14. K. Scott
  15. J. D’Agostino


  1. P. Bussen
  2. M. Chen
  3. F. Khamis
  4. A. Alesana
  5. P. Staats
  6. L. Skiver
  7. V. Wanjala