KSUFR vs. KSUFR Alumni


Played on September 5, 2009 at Kansas State University



Score: 25-24 KSUFR Current Team

Summary: During this Saturday afternoon game, the Alumni once again gave the current K-State team some valuable experience. Five twenty minute periods were played to give everyone plenty of game-time. In the first period, the Alumni scored the first try and followed through with a conversion, while the current team remained scoreless. In the second period, Kenny Scott scored for the current team off of a kick by John Knutsen. In the third period the current team scored again with another break-away by Kenny Scott, while the Alumni anwered with a try of their own. Things slowed down in the fourth period, with neither team scoring any points. It picked back up in the fifth period when the Alumni scored a try, followed by a try by Garret Stryker for the current team. The Alumni scored one more time, and the current team finished up with one more try by Garret Stryker, then another by Joe D'Agostino. The teams MVPs were Darrel Loder for the Alumni and Joe D'Agostino for the current team. Special thanks to Jerry Scritchfield for coming out to the game.